Emmerdale confirms flashback episode for Pierce and Graham

Friday night's episode will explain everything

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Fans left confused over exactly how, and why, Pierce Harris came to meet and kill Graham Foster in Emmerdale will have their questions answered tonight.

The soap has confirmed it is airing a special flashback episode that will not only tell the story of his final day from Graham’s perspective, but will go back even further to explain how Pierce and Graham came to meet.

Pierce was Graham’s assailant (Credit: ITV)

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It will kick off another big new story strand as further twists in this tale emerge.

Fans have already speculated that it was Pierce who left a message on Rhona’s answerphone that Graham listened to and then deleted.

They also believed Graham then went to beat Pierce up to warn the newly released rapist to stay away from Rhona.

In Friday’s episode (January 24) we will find out exactly how that meet-up came to be.

A new preview picture shows Pierce and Graham come face to face at Pierce’s flat following his release from prison.

Pierce was tracked down by Graham (Credit: ITV)

The men don’t look happy to see each other, and it’s fair to assume this is the meeting from which Graham returned with bloody hands.

Did he beat Pierce up? Has Pierce now returned for revenge?

Fans watched last night as Graham was hit over the head from behind by Pierce in the foggy woods.

Graham’s a goner (Credit: ITV)

They had spent all week guessing who Graham’s killer was after the soap told the story of Graham’s murder from the point of view of each of the suspects.

On Monday, Kim Tate and Al Chapman were in the frame after discovering Graham had been stealing money from Kim’s account.

Tuesday saw Jai Sharma go after Graham when Graham revealed to Jai’s girlfriend Laurel Thomas that Jai was back on cocaine.

Wednesday was the turn of Charity Dingle to want revenge after Graham locked her son Ryan in a kayak hut.

Charity was one of the suspects (Credit: ITV)

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Thursday’s first episode saw Jamie and Andrea Tate’s story, and the second outing focused on Marlon Dingle.

While tonight is set to answer some questions, it will also pose many more: how long is Pierce sticking around? Is Rhona in danger? And who will get the blame for the murder if the villagers are non-the-wiser about Pierce’s return?

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