Emmerdale killer Jonathan Wrather speaks out after Pierce’s shock return

He's back - and he's badder than ever

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Fans of Emmerdale were left with their jaws hitting the floor last night after Pierce Harris was revealed as the killer of Graham Foster.

The rapist ex-husband of Rhona Goskirk wasn’t even named among the line-up of suspects, but he returned – as many fans had suspected he would – and hit Graham over the head, knocking him out cold.

What actually happened will be played out on-screen tonight, but in a video on Emmerdale’s Twitter account, actor Jonathan Wrather, who has reprised his role as Pierce, teased fans.

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Over a montage of clips of the killing, Jonathan says: “There were many suspects, but it was none of them, it was Pierce!”

He continued: “Pierce is back in Emmerdale to ruffle even more feathers, which is a bit of an understatement.”

The actor then revealed how much secrecy has surrounded the storyline and how the show kept it so quiet.

Jonathan Wrather told how secret everything had been kept (Credit: ITV)

“The whole thing has been shrouded under immense secrecy – I have a code names in the scripts and one or two cast members haven’t twigged that it’s actually me.

“I don’t know everything that’s going to happen yet, I keep getting little snippets of stuff and in a way I don’t want to know the full story just yet.

“We thought we’d seen the last of Pierce, but he’s back.

“However… for how much longer? You’ll just have to wait and see.”

Pierce is the killer (Credit: ITV)

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Fans had spent all week guessing who Graham’s killer was after the soap told the story of Graham’s murder from the point of view of each of the suspects.

On Monday, Kim Tate and Al Chapman were in the frame after discovering Graham had been stealing money from Kim’s account.

Tuesday saw Jai Sharma go after Graham when Graham revealed to Jai’s girlfriend Laurel Thomas that Jai was back on cocaine.

Wednesday was the turn of Charity Dingle to want revenge after Graham locked her son Ryan in a kayak hut.

Charity was one of the suspects (Credit: ITV)

Thursday’s first episode saw Jamie and Andrea Tate’s story, and the second outing focused on Marlon Dingle.

Tonight we will see exactly what happened from Graham’s perspective.

However the village will still be non-the-wiser over who offed Mr Foster.

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