Emmerdale viewers divided over Moira Dingle’s fate after falling drunk into a ditch

Moira was helped by Cara

Viewers of Emmerdale wished Moira Dingle had been killed off after she fell drunk into a ditch.

In last night’s episode of the ITV soap (January 9 2020), Moira continued to drink, despite pleas from her son Matty.

As she bought a load of booze from David’s shop, Nate came in and tried to get her to see sense.

Moira continued to drink (Credit: ITV Hub)

But when she refused to listen, he told her: “Fine. Go and drink yourself senseless, what do any of us care?”

As she walked around, drinking vodka from the bottle, she found herself throwing up in the road as a car came along.

She jumped back and fell down a small hill and into a ditch.

Luckily for Moira, the driver got out and helped, but some viewers wished she hadn’t.

However some fans hope this will be the wake up call Moira needs.

They want her to come back stronger after such a difficult few months.

The lady who helped Moira took her to the hospital and viewers soon found out she is Cara – Nate’s mother.

Fans of the show know Moira had an affair with farmhand Nate behind her husband Cain’s back.

The woman who helped Moira is Cara – Nate’s mum (Credit: ITV Hub)

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When Cain found out the truth, Nate admitted he’s Cain’s son and was after revenge thinking his dad rejected him as a baby.

However, Cain had no idea about Cara being pregnant as his mum Faith had got her to keep quiet.

Cara discovered what Nate had done and was obviously unimpressed with his actions.

Cain is Nate’s dad (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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Some viewers have predicted there will be romance between Cain and Cara.

Now she’s in the village, will she be sticking around for a while?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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