Emmerdale fans convinced Moira Dingle will MURDER Suzy Merton after secret revealed

Suzy's secret has been revealed - and fans think they know what will happen

Emmerdale fans have made a dark prediction about Suzy Merton.

The drug-loving party planner was revealed to have given Moira Dingle’s daughter Holly the money she used to buy the heroin she overdosed on in last night’s episode (May 20).

Emmerdale fans are convinced Moira will kill Suzy (Credit: ITV)
Emmerdale fans are convinced Moira will kill Suzy (Credit: ITV)

And fans are sure that Moira is going to find out – and kill her.

Drug addict Holly overdosed on drugs in 2016.

A devastated Moira found her dead in bed the morning after.

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Last night Suzy opened up to pal Leyla about her friendship with Holly. It turned out she hired her as a photographer a few years ago.

Leyla’s interest was piqued after seeing how Suzy had reacted to Moira talking about her daughter.

She found Suzy searching online for pictures of Holly – and confronted her, demanding to know why she was looking.

Emmerdale: Moira to murder Suzy?

“Because I gave her money, money to buy drugs,” Suzy told Leyla.

“I knew she scored but not an addict. We were mates yeah but I was still her boss. I was meant to be meeting my dealer to stock up for party night. It was the night before my 30th.

“I was stuck at this wedding venue so I sent Holly to get coke. I said she could have half if she did the handover and was meant to meet her afterwards to go clubbing.

“How the hell was I meant to know she would use her half to buy a load of smack?

“By the time I found out she had already scored. I told her to take her lowlife junkie body back to the gutter where it belongs.”

Suzy then admitted cutting Holly out of her life and not thinking of her until now.

Suzy confessed to being partially responsible for Holly's death in Emmerdale last night (Credit: ITV)
Suzy confessed to being partially responsible for Holly’s death in Emmerdale last night (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans convinced Moira will kill Suzy

And having seen Holly’s date of death, Suzy realised it was the night she gave Holly the cash.

Horrified at herself, Suzy vowed to confess all to Moira – but Leyla insisted that would be a mistake.

And fans are convinced Moira will murder her once she finds out.

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One said: “If Suzy sold drugs to Holly, Moira will kill her @emmerdale I always thought there was something strange about Holly’s death?”

A second said: “Wonder if Moira will do a rerun and dump Suzy on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere when she finds out about Her and Holly. #emmerdale”

Another added: “Moira gonna give Suzy a Glasgow kiss when she finds out about suzy #emmerdale”

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