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Emmerdale: Moira to kill Suzy after she discovers dark Holly secret?

Suzy recognised Moira's daughter

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Emmerdale newcomer Suzy revealed to Leyla tonight that she was the one who gave Holly Barton the money for the drugs that killed her.

Suzy recognised Holly from a picture on Moira‘s fridge and opened up to Leyla about how she knew her.

But will Moira find out the truth?

Vanessa is pleased to secure a date with Suzy
It turns out Suzy knew Holly (Credit: ITV)

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Emmerdale: Suzy makes a discovery

It was recently revealed to viewers that Leyla’s big secret is that she’s been taking cocaine and she’s been getting it from Vanessa’s new love interest, Suzy.

Suzy and Leyla have started working together but their family and friends have no idea that they’ve been doing drugs.

In tonight’s episode (Friday, May 20) Suzy and Leyla met up with Moira to discuss them using her barns for weddings.

But when Suzy asked about using one of Moira’s fields, Moira told her she didn’t want to use that field as her daughter is buried there.

Suzy felt guilty and when Moira left the room, Leyla told Suzy how Holly died of a heroin overdose.

Seeing a picture of Holly on Moira’s fridge, Suzy’s face immediately dropped.

Emmerdale Suzy and Leyla have a business proposal for Moira
Suzy was shocked to find out Holly is Moira’s daughter (Credit: ITV)

Suzy reveals to Leyla that she knew Holly

She soon made her excuses to leave and later Leyla found her in the cafe looking at a remembrance page for Holly.

Leyla told Suzy it was obvious she knew Holly.

Suzy began to open up about Holly.

She told Leyla she took Holly on as a photographer for some weddings and they became mates.

Suzy then revealed she gave Holly money to buy drugs, unaware she was an addict.

Suzy said she was meant to be meeting her dealer to get cocaine for her birthday but got tied up with work, so sent Holly to get the drugs, offering to give her half.

When Suzy found out Holly bought and took heroin with her money, she had a go at her telling her “to take her low-life junkie body back to the gutter where it belongs” and that was the last time she spoke to Holly.

Suzy was upset and felt like she abandoned Holly, but she soon came to a horrifying realisation.

Leyla told Suzy that Holly fell off the wagon a few times and she shouldn’t blame herself.

Suzy thought she should be honest with Moira but Leyla told her not to.

When Suzy discovered Holly died on September 29 2016, she realised that was the day she last saw her and that she gave Holly the money for the drugs that killed her.

Emmerdale Suzy is torn as she dumps Vanessa
Suzy feels guilty and vows to stop taking cocaine (Credit: ITV)

What’s next for Suzy?

Leyla lets slip to Vanessa that Suzy knew Holly.

Vanessa is shaken after learning Suzy lied to her and begins to question how serious their relationship is.

Feeling guilty over lying to her about Holly’s death, Suzy drops a bombshell and dumps Vanessa.

Vanessa is stunned and convinced it’s because she’s come on too strong. She begs Suzy for a second chance and Leyla is happy when Suzy agrees to stay.

However, Suzy tells Leyla she’s going to start living a cleaner life, leaving Leyla panicked about where she’s going to get her next drug fix.

Leyla invites Suzy for a brunch and team-building day with Priya. But Suzy knows exactly what Leyla is up to and firmly tells her she is staying off the cocaine for good.

Leyla is alarmed when Suzy tells them they should quit while they’re ahead. She tips the remains of her cocaine down the sink.

Will Leyla see sense too?

Emmerdale Feb 7 Moira tries to pacify Amy telling her she will try and get through to Cain
Will Moira find out? (Credit: ITV)

Will Moira find out about Suzy and Holly?

With Suzy and Holly’s secret connection out in the open, it surely won’t be long Moira finds out the truth. And we can’t imagine she’ll be happy…

Moira’s grief over Holly’s death is still raw, and we doubt she’d be particularly forgiving if she found out Holly’s part in it.

We know Moira has killed before when she offed Emma Barton.

Could she go as far to kill Suzy as revenge for giving Holly the money for the drugs that killed her?

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