Emmerdale Leyla rape bombshell on Liam

Leyla drops a shock rape bombshell in Emmerdale as the truth comes out

Leyla was stunned to discover the truth about Liam

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Emmerdale last night saw Leyla Cavanagh drop the bombshell that Liam Cavanagh may have been raped by Meena Jutla.

The pair spent the night together when Liam was so drunk he couldn’t even remember anything.

Meena convinced Liam he had come on to her, but she had rebuffed his advances.

Meena has threatened Liam, but did she rape him? (Credit: ITV)

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Liam confronts Meena in Emmerdale

After discovering there was no medical evidence of her pregnancy, Liam confronted her over her lies.

Meena tried to blackmail him by saying she’d tell his wife, Leyla, about his antics the night of the Christmas party if he didn’t keep quiet.

But brave Liam decided to confess the truth himself. He told Leyla everything, saying:

“I was utterly ashamed and I just accepted her version of events.”

He then made the conclusion: “I know this sounds crazy but I know why she offered me a bed for the night, why she plied me with alcohol.

“She had told Billy she was pregnant and she was looking for someone, anyone to father a child.”

He assured his wife, in a very Liam way, “nothing untoward occurred.”

Leyla thinks Liam could have been raped (Credit: ITV)

Was Liam raped by Meena?

However, Leyla was absolutely stunned by what she was hearing.

And although she was upset, she had more shocking news for her husband:

“You’ve just told me you can’t remember anything, so even if it did [happen], that is assault.”

Liam was convinced that wasn’t the case: “Nothing happened. She is a liar, she is a manipulator.”

He added: “I’m just so sorry about all of this.”

But Leyla was too hurt, having lost their own baby, to talk any more.

She told him he had to tell Billy the truth or she would.

Liam believes nothing happened (Credit: ITV)

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Will Meena kill Liam?

Liam knew he had to do the right thing and told Billy the truth.

Billy was fuming and immediately called Meena demanding answers.

She told him to meet her at the barn where she is holding Manpreet and Vinny captive.

Her plot to murder them now includes Billy too.

But what about Liam? Will he die for revealing the truth to Billy?

And did Meena really rape him? Is she actually pregnant with his baby?

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