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Emmerdale fans all making the same joke about Meena’s return

She took her time!

Emmerdale aired Meena‘s return scene last night as she plotted to surprise Dawn at her wedding.

But fans were more interested in how she’s still with the same truck driver, still in the same clothes, and has only just seemingly reached Scotland!

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Meena returns when she sees the Save the Date
Meena is back (Credit: ITV)

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Where has Meena been?

The serial killer fled two weeks ago after finally being caught out over her crimes.

After Dr Liam Cavanagh saved her latest victims, Manpreet and Vinny, Meena raced off into the woods.

She intended to kill Liam, but when she heard the police she cut her losses and hitched a lift with an unsuspecting lorry driver.

The trucker, Tommy, said he was going to Glasgow and Meena immediately said she was going there too, telling him her name was Manpreet.

Emmerdale Tommy the trucker who collected Meena
Tommy has no idea his driving buddy is a serial killer (Credit: ITV)

Meena’s return to Emmerdale

Last night (Thursday, January 27) Meena was seen sitting at a park bench.

She had come across Dawn Taylor’s save the date for her wedding to Billy and was fuming they were planning to get married on Valentine’s Day.

It turns out, Meena is still with Tommy the trucker and she’s even still in the same clothes.

Tommy appeared from the bathroom and told her they’d be at port in an hour, but she said there was a change of plan.

“I just found out a friend’s getting married, so I have to go back. It’s annoying, but I can’t miss the big day, I’ve got a big surprise planned.”

Emmerdale Thu 27 Jan Meena returns when she sees the Save the Date
Dawn’s save the date has angered Meena (Credit: ITV)

What are fans saying about Meena’s return?

Fans were divided on whether they’re pleased or not to see her back.

However, many thought it was hilarious two weeks have passed, yet it seems like no time at all: She’s in the same clothes and it seemed as if they’d only just reached Glasgow!

Writing on ED’s Facebook page, one said: “Been gone a week and still not reached Glasgow from Yorkshire [is] she walking??”

“I thought the same!” someone else added.

“How the [bleep] has Meena not been caught still with that truck driver?” Someone said on Twitter. “Stupid [bleep] storyline.”

Meena Jutla needs to return to Emmerdale this year (Credit: ITV)
Meena Jutla will be back and she’ll get what’s coming to her (Credit: ITV)

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What happens next?

We now know Meena is on her way back to cause trouble.

In a recent interview, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw spilled some details on Billy and Dawn’s wedding.

She told Entertainment Daily and other media: “Their wedding definitely will happen this year and it will happen on the most romantic day of the year on Valentine’s Day!

“Is it going to be happy ever after for these two or will disaster strike? I suspect it’s probably the latter.”

Emmerdale producer Jane Hudson also revealed there’s more twists and turns to come in Meena’s storyline.

She said: “There are still some more twists and turns to be had in this story, some that you probably won’t see coming.

“But I think we’re all agreed that Meena can pretty much do anything, but yes judgement day is coming.

Judgement day is coming.

“It won’t play out quite as you expect and there will be a lasting effect on a lot of our villagers, but I think within the next few months, Meena will get what’s coming to her shall we say.”

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