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13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including a return, a secret and the new Woolpack owner

Who has bought the pub?

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Emmerdale spoilers for next week reveal there’s a surprise return – and no one’s happy about it.

Someone’s also hiding a secret, and another villager gets an unwelcome blast from the past.

The new Woolpack owner is revealed – but who has bought Chas’s beloved boozer?

All will be revealed in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers.

Rhona in Emmerdale is shocked by Pierce's news
A blast from the past threatens Rhona’s future (Credit: ITV)

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1. Death shock for Rhona

Rhona is chilled to the bone when a man turns up and tells her Pierce sent him.

He gives Rhona a letter from her rapist ex-husband, which Vanessa encourages her to bin and not think about ever again.

But Rhona can’t bring herself to throw it away and reads it.

Pierce drops the bombshell he’s dying and wants help finding his son, Marcus.

Rhona and Vanessa don’t agree (Credit: ITV)

2. Vanessa and Rhona at war

Vanessa is 100 percent against Rhona getting involved in Pierce’s quest.

She is sure he’s playing games and trying to lure Rhona back into his cruel world.

However, Rhona calls the prison and gets confirmation Pierce is really dying, so she decides to help.

She searches for Marcus on social media and eventually Ryan offers his assistance. Computer whizz Ryan finds Marcus pretty quickly and Rhona makes a call.

But when Vanessa finds out what her friend has done, she takes matters into her own hands…

Vanessa thinks she’s helping, but is she? (Credit: ITV)

3. Vanessa impersonates Rhona

Vanessa sees a message beep through on Rhona’s phone from Marcus.

She listens to it and then leaves him one back pretending to be Rhona and asking to meet.

Marcus soon turns up in the village and meets up with Vanessa – but he thinks it’s Rhona.

Vanessa tells him she made a mistake in contacting him and he should go and never return.

But Rhona spots them together and wants to know exactly what’s going on.

Will Marcus be bad or good? (Credit: ITV)

4. Marcus demands answers

As Rhona and Vanessa argue, Marcus interrupts and demands to know why he was called in the first place.

Rhona is forced to fill him in on what’s going on with his dad.

But who is Marcus? Is he like Pierce? Or is he completely different?

Is Vanessa right? Is Rhona in danger?

Emmerdale Feb 1 2022 Alex returns
Dawn gets a shock when Alex turns up in next week’s Emmerdale spoilers (Credit: ITV)

5. Surprise return ruins everything for Dawn

Dawn is thrilled to have secured Home Farm as a venue for her wedding and Harriet to be her maid of honour.

However, the week turns bleak when Alex shows up.

He says he wants to apologise for what happened over Christmas after Meena manipulated him into taking Lucas.

But what else is he after? And will it ruin everything for Dawn’s happy ending?

Emmerdale Kim looks through an auction brochure with interest
What is Kim going to buy? (Credit: ITV)

6. Kim buys the Woolpack?

With Kim losing a bit of her sparkle, Will suggests she find something to ignite her passion again.

Soon Kim is flicking through an auction catalogue with a glint in her eye.

Will suspects she’s going to buy the Woolpack and when news gets back to Chas, she’s furious.

After the auction, Kim, dressed to the nines, has clearly bought something profitable.

But what is she the proud new owner of?

Emmerdale Chas Paddy and Marlon are stunned as they discover who's bought the Woolpack
Is it friend or foe? (Credit: ITV)

7. The new Woolpack owners revealed

Chas refuses to attend the auction, admitting losing the pub is going to break her heart.

Cain is determined to fix things and when bidding gets going, he raises his hand. Moira is fuming and relieved when he’s outbid by a mystery online bidder.

Marlon and Chas are told the new owner would like to meet them in person and Chas is worried over who it might be…

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8. Jai caught out?

Laurel arrives while Jai is looking over paperwork for the loan and he quickly shoves it away in a folder.

But when leaves, he doesn’t take the folder with him.

Laurel’s face is not happy when she reads through the paperwork.

But what has she discovered? And what does this mean for her future with Jai?

Emmerdale Jai rejects Marlon for a job
Jai won’t give Marlon work (Credit: ITV)

9. Jai’s money worries continue

Marlon asks for work at the HOP with Jai.

But worried about money Jai rejects him.

Meanwhile, Laurel offers Liv her old job back. How will Jai react?

Emmerdale Belle is defiant with Ellis beside her as the face Cain
Belle is defiant, but Ellis is hiding something (Credit: ITV)

10. Ellis’s shock secret destroys Belle?

Ellis and Belle are forced to go public with their romance when Cain spots them together at the auction.

He’s predictably fuming, but Belle remains firm she is sticking with Ellis and they’re for keeps.

However when Ellis gets a mystery phone call that leaves him with a decision, it’s soon obvious he’s hiding something from Belle.

What choice is Ellis facing? And what does this mean for his and Belle’s future?

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11. Ryan gives Charity a lesson in love

Typically oblivious to other people’s feelings, Charity is pulled aside by Ryan for a talking to.

He tells her Irene’s funeral stirred up some emotions for Mack about losing his own mother.

Charity kicks herself for not spotting the obvious connection, but will she be able to help him work through his pain?

Emmerdale Priya is anxious at her laptop
It’s obvious Priya has a lot of anger (Credit: ITV)

12. Priya on the edge

Priya is clearly struggling with everything still. She’s angry and hurt and badmouthing Manpreet.

Liam steps in to help out, but can he help Priya move forward?

Will Kerry make the move? (Credit: ITV)

13. Al moves fast with Kerry

Al wants to prove he’s serious about Kerry and asks her to move in with him.

Will she agree to get a place together?

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