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Wednesday 13th November 2019

EastEnders SPOILER: Keanu tells Louise about his romance with Sharon?

It the truth about to be revealed?

Next week's EastEnders sees Keanu Taylor make the shocking decision to come clean about his romance with Sharon Mitchell to pregnant girlfriend Louise Mitchell... but will Sharon be able to stop him before he makes a grave error?

Phil Mitchell is set to discover that Sharon is pregnant this week and of course it doesn't take long for the Walford grapevine to get working, so soon the whole of the Mitchell clan know that Sharon is in the family way.

Phil breaks the news that Sharon is pregnant this week (Credit: BBC)

However, next week sees Phil starting to regret telling everyone their baby news, and as the reality of being a dad again sinks in, Phil asks them to keep the information under their hats for now.

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But soon the news starts spreading and despite being told to keep it a secret, Louise can't help but reveal everything to Keanu... not realising that she is actually telling her boyfriend that he is potentially going to be a dad again!

Sharon and Phil discuss the pregnancy (Credit: BBC)

Keanu is stunned, secretly realising that he could be the father of Sharon's baby after their night of passion in The Arches, and he quickly confronts Sharon about the news.

Sharon is adamant that the baby is Phil's... but can she really be that sure?

Phil is supportive, but is the baby really his? (Credit: BBC)

Keanu isn't convinced and decides that this means they need to come clean about their romance, leaving Sharon horrified.

As Keanu prepares to break the news to Louise, he takes her for lunch, bracing himself to drop the most almighty bombshell on his girlfriend.

Keanu asks Sharon if the baby is his... (Credit: BBC)

But as Sharon races to get to Keanu and Louise before he manages to reveal all, she is stopped in her tracks by Karen Taylor.

Karen is stunned when she finds out that Sharon is pregnant and quickly works out that Keanu could be that father of both Mitchell babies.

Karen is horrified to realise that Sharon is pregnant (Credit: BBC)

Realising that her son has got himself into the most almighty mess, Karen is horrified. But can they stop him from telling Louise everything?

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Meanwhile, Keanu broaches the subject with Louise, but will he go through with telling her that he was once in love with her stepmum?

Sharon gets home to find everyone waiting for her... did Keanu tell Louise the truth? (Credit: BBC)

When Sharon later gets home, she is mortified to find Keanu, Louise and Phil all waiting for her in the sitting room... but does this family confrontation mean that the truth is out?

And what on earth will Phil say if he knows about the affair?

By the end of next week Keanu finds himself kidnapped and tied up in an abandoned warehouse.

Things don't look good for Keanu by the end of next week (Credit: BBC)

But is this Phil's handiwork? Things definitely don't look good for the mechanic...

We definitely wouldn't like to be in Keanu's shoes right now!

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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