EastEnders fans turn on Sonia Fowler amid Bex’s mental health struggle

Bex will attempt suicide

Viewers of EastEnders are raging at Sonia Fowler, as her daughter Bex battles mental health issues in secret.

The teenager has been struggling in silence for months now, weighed down by the pressures of starting Oxford University, her father’s absence, her unrequited crush on Kush and other teenage insecurities.

Bex has been fighting a secret struggle for months (Credit: BBC)

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Earlier this month, soap fans expressed grave concerns for the mental health of Bex Fowler, fearing the teenager might be suffering from suicidal thoughts.

The BBC soap has now confirmed the misunderstood teen WILL attempt suicide in devastating upcoming scenes.

However, none of her Walford neighbours seem to have noticed – including her best friend Louise Mitchell, uncle Robbie or mum Sonia.

Bex feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders (Credit: BBC)

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In scenes last week, Bex told uncle Robbie Jackson she felt “numb”.

She asked him: “Do you ever feel numb? I do… All the time.”

But despite Bex’s obvious distress, Robbie didn’t spot the signs and he’s not the only one.

Bex Fowler suicidal?
Who will help Bex? (Credit: BBC)

Viewers who are worried sick for Bex have slammed Sonia for not noticing her daughter’s turmoil.

Writing on EastEnders Spoilers, News and Gossip Facebook group, one livid viewer wrote: “Sonia does my head in, the way she is putting so much pressure on her daughter. No wonder she is feeling so depressed, give the girl a break for goodness sake.”

Another added: “Sonia is really annoying me, can she not see that Bex is not happy with anything to do with Oxford? The only time I have seen Bex smile was when she was looking after Martin’s stall. Surely, as a mother, you would notice the sadness?”

A third wrote: “How Sonia can’t tell that Bex is so unhappy is beyond me! Any mother would know by the look on her face! Sonia needs to stop pushing her daughter into what she wants. I hope Sonia feels terrible for what she has put Bex through when she learns the truth that the poor girl is struggling.

“I’m also surprised that Louise hasn’t noticed either. She’s probably too obsessed in her own little world to notice her best friend isn’t happy.”

Sonia was terrified when Bex ran away earlier this year (Credit: BBC)

“I do not like Sonia, she needs to put Rebecca first,” fumed another.

Others compared Sonia to pushy Pauline Fowler, and some begged for a more level-headed Martin to return.

Bex will attempt to take her own life in harrowing scenes next month.

The BBC show has worked closely with Samaritans to deliver the upcoming story.

Will Martin return to be by daughter Bex’s side? (Credit: BBC)

Jon Sen, Executive Producer at EastEnders, explained: “We wanted to take Bex on a journey which accurately reflected the crises facing many young people today – many of whom, like Bex, struggle under the mounting pressures placed on teenagers today.

“Having worked closely with Samaritans, our wish is that by telling this story we can encourage others in Bex’s position to realise there’s always help and there’s always hope. And we hope that others will be encouraged to start a conversation if they are worried about someone they know.”

If you are struggling or are concerned about someone who might be, contact Samaritans FREE any time from any phone on 116 123, even a mobile without credit.

Or you can email or visit to find details of your nearest branch, where you can talk to one of their trained volunteers face to face.

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