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EastEnders SPOILERS: Struggling Bex attempts suicide

Will anyone realise she's in danger?

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There’s devastation heading for EastEnders tonight (03.10.19) when the pressure of going to university gets too much for Bex Fowler and she decides to take her own life.

Ever since she got the grades to go to Oxford University, all Bex has heard about is how amazing things are going to be once she starts her degree.

Bex has been struggling for months (Credit: BBC)

But while her family and friends are proud of how well she has done to get a place at a top university, deep down Bex has been secretly dreading leaving Walford to start a new life in Oxford.

With Sonia fussing around her daughter at every opportunity, things have started to get on top of Bex recently and while her mum is talking about buying kettles and saucepans for her new home, all Bex can think about is how much she doesn’t want to go to uni.

After working on Martin’s stall as a way of distracting herself from her impending move didn’t work out, Bex tries to find another way to take her mind off Oxford next week and decides to organise a baby shower for Louise.

No one seems to have noticed Bex’s cries for help (Credit: BBC)

But when the party gets underway Mel then takes over, and while everyone else gets stuck into the party games, Lisa realises Bex isn’t herself and tries to talk to her.

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But before she can get Bex to open up, Ian arrives and reveals that Sonia has asked him for a loan to help with the university costs, and it’s all too much for Bex as she struggles under the pressure.

Lisa tries to talk to Bex, but her concerns are brushed away (Credit: BBC)

Lisa is worried about Bex and tries to talk to Louise about her friend… but pregnant Louise is too wrapped up in her own world and even a chat with Sonia doesn’t get the response Lisa was hoping for.

Once alone, Bex struggles with the idea of leaving London and reminisces about her time with Shakil, clearly still upset at the thought of leaving London.

As her last day in Walford arrives, Bex is horrified to realise that her mum has organised a leaving party, and she reluctantly agrees to go along. But once there she is forced to put on a brave face and pretend she is having fun, when really she just wants the ground to swallow her up.

Bex is pleased when Dot returns, but it’s not enough to make her reconsider taking her own life (Credit: BBC)

As Lisa approaches Bex to urge her to speak to Sonia, Bex brushes her off and, after making a quick speech at her party, Bex makes a sneaky exit from the celebrations.

But while everyone parties at The Vic, little do they know the struggling student is heading home, thinking about doing the unthinkable and taking her own life

The next day there is devastation when Sonia finds her daughter lying unresponsive in her bed and an ambulance is quickly called.

Bex Fowler suicidal?
Bex has been showing signs of being suicidal for weeks (Credit: BBC)

As Bex is taken away in an ambulance everyone watches on in stunned silence… Lisa is wracked with guilt that she didn’t do more to help Bex, while Louise is speechless when newly-returned Dotty reveals pills were found in Bex’s bedroom.

At the hospital Sonia, Tiffany and Whitney are relieved when Bex wakes up, and Sonia is the first to reassure her daughter that everything is going to be okay. But while she is making promises, Stuart is at home making a grim discovery.

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Stuart is shocked when he finds a note that Bex left, clearly confirming the fact she was trying to take her own life… and Sonia is left reeling at the revelation.

Bex EastEnders
Bex might survive this suicide attempt, but will she get the help she so desperately needs? (Credit: BBC)

Adamant that this was all an accident, Sonia is in denial as she struggles to get hold of Martin to let him know what has happened.

But will Bex’s brush with death be enough to coax him out of hiding?

And what about Bex? Will she be okay and get the help she so desperately needs?

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