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Tuesday 21st January 2020

EastEnders' Keegan accused of lying to Tiffany about being a virgin

Fans with keen memories recalled his dalliance with Louise Mitchell

Keegan Baker has been accused of lying to Tiffany Butcher about being a virgin in EastEnders.

In Friday night's (20.09.19) episode, the school drop-out told Tiffany how he wanted his first time to be special, but fans quickly remembered he had shared a bunk up with Louise Mitchell before.

Tiffany hasn't told Keegan about how she was raped yet (Credit: BBC)

He offered Tiffany an emotional confession about wanting to make both of their first times special.

He told her: "I know I give it all the chat and all of that but it's all a front, so are we in the same boat, or?

"I just want you to know there's no pressure, no rush. We can both wait until we're both ready."

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When Tiffany told him she wanted that too, they kissed and made up but fans have long memories and they remember his fling with Louise.

After originally tricking Louise into thinking they had slept together after she was spiked, the pair grew close again months later.

They were seen sneaking around and getting together in various houses.

At one point the pair were caught by Phil with their clothes off and Keegan fled, leaving a shoe behind which nearly exposed his brother's affair with Sharon. On another occasion they were caught by Ian Beale.

Fans are sure Keegan's lying to Tiffany, as one said: "I think this is a little backtracking on EE part so he comes across sincere with Tiff.

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"He wasn't a virgin originally."

Another added: "He claims to still be a virgin but he slept with Louise multiple times. In Louise's house and Ian's house."

A third said: "A bit odd that Keegan thinks he's a virgin, considering he slept with Louise last year... @bbceastenders #Eastenders"

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