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Tuesday 21st January 2020

EastEnders fans fear Sharon will lose her baby as Mel vows to destroy her

Mel wants revenge at any cost

Fans of EastEnders are terrified Sharon Mitchell will lose her baby as Mel Owen takes revenge.

Pregnant Sharon reached out to grieving Mel in last night's (20.09.10) episode, but her peace offering descended into a bust up.

Fans fear Mel's revenge will cost Sharon her baby (Credit: BBC)

Instead of calming the situation down and trying to stop Phil's hatred of Mel, Sharon took Mel's insults to heart and hit back with one of her own.

She told a raging Mel: "With you as a mother he never stood a chance anywhere. Hunter was always a heartless psychopath."

Despite Sharon's words being clearly true, Mel looked broken by what was said.

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Struggling to cope, she warned Sharon before screaming: "You're going to regret that. Get out of my house."

And fans were left in no doubt how Mel planned to hit back, when Lisa returned home and she poured all her grief and energy into a revenge plot against Sharon.

"The Mitchells don't give a damn," a seething Mel told Lisa.

Mel has vowed to destroy Sharon and her family (Credit: BBC)

"Who would try to deny someone a funeral? How evil can you get? You're right, we need to get Louise away from that poisonous, hypocritical...

"Nothing else matters now, the Mitchells, Phil, Sharon... I swear on Hunter's memory, I'm going to make them pay."

Her warning has led fans to worry about pregnant Sharon's unborn baby - and they are concerned Mel's actions will put it at risk.

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One fan said: "I'm sure Sharon will have a miscarriage."

Another said: "#eastenders I'm sure Sharon is going to have a miscarriage."

A third added: "I hope Sharon's baby is okay and maybe this has something to do with Mel's exit #EastEnders."

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