Bex suicidal EastEnders

EastEnders fans fear for Bex’s life as she appears to be suicidal

Why hasn't anyone noticed?

EastEnders viewers have expressed grave concerns for the mental health of Bex Fowler, and fear the teenager might be suffering from suicidal thoughts.

Sonia and Martin’s daughter has been struggling with self-doubt and anxiety for months now – but, sadly, no one seems to have noticed!

Bex has been fighting a secret struggle for months (Credit: BBC)

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On Thursday (September 19), Bex continued to battle her secret demons with no one around her noticing.

Recently, viewers have noticed signs that all is not well with the troubled teen.

She recently ran away and turned to drugs to cope with the stress of her exams and her mum’s expectations that she’ll go to Oxford University.

Bex even attempted to sacrifice herself to Hunter Owen, when he was looking for a hostage in dramatic scenes earlier this month.

Bex feels like the weight of the world is on her shoulders (Credit: BBC)

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In scenes some EastEnders viewers found frustrating, Bex told uncle Robbie Jackson she felt “numb”.

She asked him: “Do you ever feel numb? I do… All the time.”

But despite Bex’s obvious distress, Robbie didn’t spot the signs and joined the likes of Bex’s best friend Louise Mitchell in failing to hear Bex’s cries for help.

Those watching from home found Bex’s plight “heartbreaking”.

One wrote: “How can none of them see how depressed Bex is? This is heartbreaking to watch #EastEnders.”

Another thought the same, adding: “Agreed. I feel horrible for her. She is breaking and no one can see it.”

A third typed: “Nobody seems to notice the anguish Bex is going through. None of her family seem to look at her really properly.”

“Every time Bex has a scene, it makes my heart crumble,” said one more. “She’s clearly depressed and showing suicidal tendencies.

“And everyone is so oblivious, caught up in having a good time that no one – not even her mum – has noticed. Not to mention her Dad left her.”

Bex Fowler suicidal?
Who will help Bex? (Credit: BBC)

Will anybody notice how vulnerable Bex is? Or could she try to harm herself?

In worrying scenes reminiscent of Aidan Connor’s turmoil in Coronation Street, will Bex get the help she needs before it’s too late?

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