EastEnders viewers horrified by dark scenes as Louise Mitchell almost smothers baby Peggy

Poor Louise has been struggling to cope

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Viewers of EastEnders were left horrified by dark scenes last night as Louise Mitchell almost smothered baby Peggy.

Over the last few weeks, Louise has been struggling with the guilt of Keanu’s ‘death’.

However, Louise has no idea that her former fiancé and Peggy’s father is really alive.

The guilt has been getting to her and viewers have seen her start to crack.

Louise Peggy Bex EastEnders
Bex grew worried about Louise’s behaviour (Credit: BBC)

In Monday night’s episode of the soap (January 13 2020) Louise took Peggy to her best friend Bex, revealing she was getting no sleep and her infant daughter wouldn’t stop crying.

Later, Bex ran into Louise’s mum, Lisa, and expressed her concerns about the new mum, suggesting Louise needs support.

Meanwhile Louise was home alone with Peggy, who wouldn’t stop crying and Louise’s exasperation grew.

Louise tries to smother Peggy EastEnders
Louise has been struggling with the guilt of ‘killing’ Keanu (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

As Louise struggled to stop Peggy’s cries, she said to her baby: “This is on purpose isn’t it? You know I’m a bad mum, you can sense it.”

As Lisa went to the door, she could hear Peggy crying and Louise shout: “Oh Peggy, just stop crying, just stop crying!”

Louise looked down at her baby and went to put the pillow over her daughter, but luckily Lisa walked in just in time and stopped her.

Lisa managed to stop Louise EastEnders
Lisa managed to stop Louise (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

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Realising what she nearly did, Louise looked shocked and apologised before breaking down in tears on the floor.

Viewers were mortified by the dark scenes but a lot of them were sympathetic towards the struggling mum.

Later Lisa told Louise she needed to get help and Louise admitted what was really bothering her.

As Lisa said to the teenager that she could’ve killed Peggy, Louise said: “Like we killed him? Keanu’s dead mum, we killed him and it’s all my fault.”

Watching Louise about to kill her baby made me feel sick.

EastEnders viewers know Keanu isn’t really dead.

After the Mitchell family found out Keanu is the father of Phil’s wife, Sharon’s baby, Phil’s son Ben organised for Martin Fowler to kidnap and kill the Arches mechanic.

EastEnders Keanu alive
Martin and Linda made it look like Keanu had been killed (Credit: BBC)

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Louise pretended to Keanu that they were going to run away together but in reality she was taking him to Martin.

However Martin struggled to kill him and along with Linda Carter, they made a video ‘killing’ Keanu when in reality, they helped him flee.

Martin showed the video to Ben, leading the Mitchells to believe he was killed.

Will Martin ever tell Louise the truth?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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