EastEnders shock as Louise helps murder Keanu

EastEnders shock as Louise helps murder Keanu

She's more like her dad than anyone thought

EastEnders viewers are in shock after Louise Mitchell helped murder Keanu Taylor on Christmas Day.

The explosive twist came as the new mum finally realised Keanu was the father of Sharon’s baby and decided to take her own revenge with her family.

EastEnders shock as Louise helps murder Keanu
Louise watched calmly as Martin kidnapped Keanu to murder him (Credit: BBC)

Louise seemed to finally realise Keanu was the father of Sharon’s baby when she told him Sharon was unwell and Christmas dinner had been cancelled.

He panicked and worried something was wrong with the baby and Louise swallowed down her heartbreak.

Later she asked him outright if he was the father and he confirmed it, pushing her into embracing her Mitchell side.

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Across the Square Phil confronted Sharon about her affair and the pair had an explosive confrontation.

Phil raged: “Lie after lie after lie. Mel tried to tell me, the villa in Portugal, the little trips with Lisa trying to shut her up – it was in the satnav.

“Your knickers just fell off by themselves, did they? You are not putting this down to me, do you understand me.”

Phil and Sharon came to blows over her affair (Credit: BBC)

But Sharon fought back telling him: “He made me feel wanted, sexy, he made me feel like a woman.

“Everything we’ve been through – your drinking, the operation, sometimes I felt like a carer and I don’t want to feel like a carer, I want to feel like a wife. He threw himself at me and it felt good.

“He made me feel alive. He paid attention, he was kind, I told him nothing could happen and then you went to Spain, two months just like that. It hurt. I was lonely.”

Martin broke down after shooting Keanu dead (Credit: BBC)

Phil then broke down in tears at Sharon’s betrayal and she tried to make him see she had chose him, but it was for nothing and he threw her out.

Sharon was forced to move into Ian’s and after a pep-talk she went to get her son Denny, but Phil dropped the bombshell that he was keeping him after adopting him two years ago, leaving Sharon on her own.

Meanwhile Ben had forced Martin Fowler into kidnapping Keanu and shooting him dead in a grotty factory.

EastEnders shock as Louise helps murder Keanu
Martin filmed himself shooting Keanu dead (Credit: BBC)

Viewers watched this week as Martin was responsible for yet another hit and run death after he and Tubbs left a man for dead.

But the twist came when after pretending to want to flee with Keanu to save his life, Louise set him up to be murdered.

Sitting in the van as they prepared to leave, Louise cradled baby Peggy before telling Keanu his time was up.

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She cooly told him: “You were right, my dad will kill you. Never ever take a Mitchell for a fool.”

She then calmly watched as Martin knocked Keanu out before taking him to abandoned warehouse and shooting him.

The shock twist left fans stunned with one writing: “Louise 👀 whata plot twist #Eastenders”

A second said: “Louise is SAVAGE!!! 😂 #EastEnders”

A third added: “Well dayummm, Louise Mitchell has got her dad’s evil streak 😱 didn’t see that coming 😱 Keanu would have had better chances going head to head with Phil 😱 #EastEnders”

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