EastEnders viewers have some big questions as Linda shoots Keanu in NY reveal!

But he's still alive, that's the main thing!

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EastEnders viewers were treated to soap at its absolute best on New Year’s Day evening, as time wound back to Christmas and Keanu Taylor’s fate was finally revealed.

In the New Year’s Eve’s episode, fans discovered that Linda Carter was somehow mixed up in what happened after Martin Fowler kidnapped Keanu, with the order to kill him.

And in last night’s flashback episode we discovered her exact role. And what a role!

After being knocked out, Keanu came to in an abandoned warehouse and, shaking off the cloth tied across his face, was shocked to discover he was being held captive by Martin.

Martin is struggling with the murder mission (Credit: BBC)

He pleaded for his life, convinced Martin was not a killer, but the regretful stall owner said there was no other way.

Managing to secretly untie his wrist restraints, Keanu then lunged at Martin and a fight to the death ensued before a gun shot rang out.

Meanwhile, we saw Linda randomly stumbling around outside, shocked by the gun shot – she had, it transpired, drunkenly got into the back of the kidnap van back in Walford!

Linda’s baffled to see Martin… with a gun! (Credit: BBC)

As Martin stepped out for some air, he saw Linda and realised he would need to silence her.

At the same time, Linda clocked him and the gun and tried to do a runner.

Martin caught her and dragged her into the warehouse where she encountered Keanu (still alive!) and was told the whole saga.

From there Linda, who sobered up pretty swiftly as the adrenaline kicked in, hatched a plot to save themselves; they could fake Keanu’s death, so Ben and Phil would be satisfied the bloody deed was done, and all three of them could get on with their lives.

Martin and Linda hatch a plot to spare Keanu’s life (Credit: BBC)

She then discussed how they could shoot Keanu and then film a video fake shooting him dead.

As she demonstrated what she meant, Linda shot Keanu in the shoulder!

Taking control, she then ordered him to get back up and then slump as Martin made the video of him fake shooting!

Keanu ‘dead’… but not dead! (Credit: BBC)

It was thrilling. No, LINDA was thrilling. But viewers had some questions…

Actress Kellie Bright, who has also been lauded for her incredible scenes as a drunk, thanks fans for their reaction to last night’s episode.

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