EastEnders SPOILERS: Gray’s temper spirals out of control

The pressure of representing Whitney is too much

Chantelle Atkins finds herself in more danger as the pressure of representing Whitney Dean starts to take its toll on husband Gray in next week’s EastEnders.

While everyone in Walford remains oblivious to what goes on behind the closed doors of No.1 Albert Square, viewers know that Chantelle is being subjected to horrific domestic abuse at the hands of her husband.

Gray and Whitney in EastEnders
Whitney is struggling in prison, while Gray is feeling the pressure of representing her (Credit: BBC)

However, next week will see Gray lash out again when he starts to struggle under the pressure of representing Whitney as she faces court for killing Leo King.

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Whitney might have killed stalker Leo in self defence, but she is still in prison having handed herself into the police.

But not only that, the case is also tricky because no one else saw what happened, meaning Whitney needs to try harder than ever to prove her innocence.

Gray and Kush in EastEnders
Gray tries to persuade Kush to plead guilty for Leo’s balcony fall (Credit: BBC)

With Whitney’s bail hearing fast approaching, Gray is feeling the pressure from all sides.

But when a visit to see Whitney in jail proves that she is struggling with the reality that she might be going to prison for a very long time, Gray takes his stress out on Chantelle when she tries to support him at home.

As Gray grabs his wife, he verbally lashes out and tells Chantelle that he is considering dropping Whitney’s case, leaving her more in fear of her husband than ever.

However, things only get worse for the Atkins family when Gray starts to get pressure from his boss to persuade Kush Kazemi to plead guilty for Leo’s balcony fall.

Gray and Whitney in EastEnders
Gray feels the pressure in the court room (Credit: BBC)

But while Kat is fuming that Gray is making Kush start to doubt his own innocence, she is torn when the lawyer admits that Kush pleading guilty could actually help Whitney.

As the day of Whitney’s bail hearing arrives, she is a bundle of nerves as she approaches the court room.

But Chantelle is also worried about what might happen, fearing the affect the stress is having on her husband.

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As Gray struggles to hide his panic ahead of the hearing, he is feeling pressure from every angle to deliver in the court room.

Gray in EastEnders
Gray takes his stress from work out on Chantelle at home (Credit: BBC)

However, as Tiffany, Keegan, Jack and Max wait outside, the tension inside the court starts to boil and it is soon too much for Whitney to cope with.

As things spiral out of control, will Whitney be able to keep her cool?

And will Gray’s stress from work leave Chantelle in more danger than ever?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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