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EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Jan 31-Feb 4

Is help on the horizon for Chelsea?

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EastEnders spoilers for next week reveal Chelsea has help at last – if only she’d accept it.

Meanwhile, Callum is arrested and Suki and Eve are also thrown in a prison van!

All this and more in next week’s EastEnders spoilers.

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1. Chelsea isolates herself

Chelsea tries to throw Gray‘s suspicions off when he quizzes her about Whitney.

Meanwhile, Denise calls round to check on them all, but Chelsea tells her she can’t see Jordan.

Kheerat turns up at the hospital and Gray is pleased he’s there.

But Chelsea is annoyed to see him.

Chelsea runs into a nurse who recognises Gray from when he used to come in with Chantelle.

She is sickened to hear Chantelle died and offers Chelsea support.

But Chelsea bats her off, isolating herself further.

2. Callum arrested

Callum decides to throw a party outside the Prince Albert to help drum up business and bring a little joy to the Square.

He asks Ben to meet him there if their marriage has a future.

Jack arrives to shut the party down after noise complaints.

But when Callum insists the party isn’t over and refuses, Jack arrests him.

3. Suki and Eve arrested

Eve tells Suki she’s been in contact with Ash.

Suki accuses Eve of turning her daughter against her.

The police witness their argument and the warring pair are bundled into the back of the police van.

Will they manage to talk their way out of being carted to the station?

4. Bobby proposes

Peter hears about Aaron and warns Bobby to stay away from Dana.

But Bobby does exactly the opposite and decides to propose to Dana. Will she accept?

5. Stacey struggles

Stacey’s first day as market inspector is stressful. She ends up covered in rubbish.

Stacey admits to Martin she hates the job, but will she stick with it?

6. Harvey makes his choice

Aware of news spreading, Harvey visits Aaron in prison and tells him it’s the last time he’ll visit.

Back on the Square, Mitch wants to hear Harvey’s side of the story.

But he’s angry about what Aaron has done.

Will anyone on the Square forgive Harvey?

7. Phil gives Sharon everything

Phil meets Sharon to pass on the deeds of the business to her while he’s away.

She asks why he’s trusting her and not Ben, but Phil reveals Ben’s not in a good way.

Meanwhile, Kat and Phil tell the kids he is going to prison for a very long time and Tommy is shaken by the news.

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8. Jay doesn’t support Honey

Jay is surprised by Honey’s new venture and warns her it will be tough.

Honey is irritated by his lack of support and therefore vows to prove him wrong.

9. An explosion sparks terror

Everyone is clearing up outside the Prince Albert when they are shaken by a loud bang.

They soon learn it was a gas explosion at the Argee Bhajee, however is everyone okay?

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