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Monday 16th December 2019

Coronation Street fans think Gary Windass has made a huge blunder in loan shark storyline

He's turning into a proper villain now

Fans of Coronation Street are baffled by Gary Windass's latest storyline and the big mistake he seems to be making.

The factory roof sabateour has been on a downward spiral recently, which culminated in him committing another murder when he killed loan shark Rick Neelan, before then attacking his ex-girlfriend Sarah Platt.

Since, Gary has been getting darker and on Friday (June 28) Gary decided to take over Rick's loan shark business.

Gary agreed to do a deal (Credit: ITV)

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At first he just agreed to lend one of Rick's previous clients some cash, but as things got darker, he soon changed his approach and demanded £200 interest as well as seizing the client's passport.

But fans were quick to point out Gary was making a massive mistake in taking over Rick's business - surely it's the first place the police will look when they try to find out what's happened to Rick now his teenage daughter has turned up.

And that's not to mention the question of how Gary is managing to use the premises themselves.

Gary may be the thickest bloke in Weatherfield, but this is implausible.

"[Bleep] stupid storyline with Gary 😂😂 now he's taken over Rick's business. Who knew it was so easy?" wrote one on Twitter.

Over on a Digital Spy Forum about the subject, one person said: "How on earth is Gary being able to use that bloke he killed 'office' premises - that does not make any sense.

"And now the dead man's daughter is coming in looking for him. I know I have been on holiday for a week but would the daughter have noticed sooner that daddy dearest is missing? Confused."

Someone else responded: "It's merely the latest in a long line of things that make no sense from the writers.

"Anyone with half a lick of intelligence would stay a mile away from the business premises of the bloke they just bumped off. Plenty of people knew about Gary's dealings with Rick."

Gary killed Rick and now he's taken over his business (Credit: ITV)

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And a third agreed: "Gary may be the thickest bloke in Weatherfield, but this is implausible."

ED! has contacted Corrie for comment.

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