Coronation Street SPOILERS: Geoff and Yasmeen return to Weatherfield with bombshell news TONIGHT!

Geoff has been controlling Yasmeen!

Geoff and Yasmeen will be returning to the cobbles but they’ll be bringing BIG news with them, in tonight’s Coronation Street (December 9 2019).

Corrie fans know that Geoff has been controlling and emotionally abusing Yasmeen for months and now it seems he’ll have even more of a hold on her now they’re married.

The couple arrive back from their trip to Las Vegas and Geoff gleefully announces to their family that he’s married Yasmeen.

As Yasmeen tells her granddaughter Alya that the wedding was a spur of the moment thing, Tim suggests they have another ceremony now that they’re home.

Alya is not happy to hear about her grandmother’s marriage (Credit: ITV)

But Geoff’s abuse doesn’t stop there and he later badmouths Alya to Yasmeen.

After consulting the hidden CCTV camera earlier, Geoff tells his new wife that Alya misused the house while they were away and that she only disapproves of their marriage because she’s concerned about her inheritance.

Over the course of this year, viewers have seen Geoff’s abuse continuously get worse.

Geoff steps up his abuse once again (Credit: ITV)

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When Alya and Ryan had some friends round the house, Geoff took the opportunity to make them look bad by stealing Yasmeen’s precious belongings and blaming their friends.

One of the items Geoff stole included a photo of Yasmeen’s son Kal, who died in the Victoria Court fire back in 2015.

Geoff set up a camera to spy on Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

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As he sold the items, including the frame Kal’s photo was in, he ripped up the picture of Yasmeen’s son.

He then proceeded to set up a hidden CCTV camera in Yasmeen’s house and let her believe that he was very ill.

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