Coronation Street SPOILERS: Yasmeen and Geoff return from Vegas married

Geoff's abuse continues...

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There’s a huge shock heading for Coronation Street next week when Geoff Metcalfe and Yasmeen Nazir return from their holiday in Vegas and drop the bombshell that they have secretly got married.

Coronation Street fans will know that Geoff has been controlling and emotionally abusing Yasmeen for months, and it seems he has got the ultimate hold over her now they’re Mr and Mrs Metcalfe.

Everyone is shocked when Yasmeen and Geoff come home and announce they’re married! (Credit: ITV)

As the shock of the wedding announcement sinks in, everyone congratulates the newlyweds on their news… but one person who isn’t happy about the bombshell is Alya.

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As Yasmeen tells her granddaughter that the wedding was a spur of the moment thing, Geoff is revelling in the fact he has managed to go behind Alya’s back and get married to Yasmeen.

But Geoff doesn’t stop his emotional abuse there, he then later badmouths Alya to Yasmeen in secret, telling her that the house has been misused while they were away, planting the seed of doubt in Yasmeen’s mind.

Geoff drips poison into Yasmeen’s ear about Alya (Credit: ITV)

But what Yasmeen doesn’t know is the real reason Geoff knows exactly what Alya and Ryan have been up to while they were away is because he has been secretly watching on his hidden camera.

Geoff continues to get between his wife and her granddaughter by telling Yasmeen that the reason Alya disapproves of their marriage is because she is concerned about her inheritance.

With everyone missing out on seeing Yasmeen and Geoff tie the knot, they decide to throw a party for the pair to celebrate.

But while the Vegas party is being planned, Geoff twists the knife once again by convincing Alya not to come to the bash.

Geoff manipulates Alya into not coming to his and Yasmeen’s wedding party (Credit: ITV)

While Alya is reluctant to miss the party, she agrees to stay away, leaving Geoff secretly delighted that he has managed to get his own way again.

But when Yasmeen hears the news that Alya won’t be at the party she is secretly devastated, thinking it confirms Geoff’s claims that Alya disapproves of the wedding because of her lost inheritance.

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With the party in full swing, Geoff paints himself as the perfect husband by making a speech and telling everyone how he never thought he would find love again, and that he couldn’t be happier now he is Yasmeen’s husband.

Yasmeen and Geoff have a party to celebrate their wedding, and Tim uses the opportunity to ask Sally to marry him again (Credit: ITV)

However, as he showers his new wife with compliments, he is clearly hiding his true colours, and later that evening his evil ways are revealed again after an incident with a crab.

As Cathy bites into a crab canapé she finds a bit of crab shell, but she isn’t bothered and carefully removes it from her mouth. However later Geoff uses the incident as a reason to unleash his wicked side on Yasmeen.

Once all the guests have gone, he tears strips off Yasmeen for embarrassing him in front of everyone and she is left mortified.

Later once their guests have gone, Geoff abuses Yasmeen by suggesting she eats a crab shell out the bin (Credit: ITV)

But that’s not the end of it. He then gets a crab shell from the bin and tells Yasmeen to eat it… but will she go through with his sickening suggestion?

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