Coronation Street viewers furious as Geoff rips up photo of Kal

He has become more controlling over Yasmeen

Viewers of ITV’s Coronation Street are furious with Geoff Metcalfe as he continues to try to isolate his partner, Yasmeen Nazir.

Last week, poor Yasmeen was mugged as she walked home from work and the robber took the takings from Speed Daal.

Luckily she was saved by Tracy McDonald who helped Yasmeen get home, and Geoff was shocked to hear about what had happened.

Yasmeen mugged
Yasmeen was mugged (Credit: ITV)

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Yasmeen tried to go back to work but whilst walking home, she felt like she was being followed and broke down.

Geoff convinced her to take some time off work, but when Yasmeen wanted to leave for some fresh air, he guilt tripped her into staying in.

The DJ was upset yet again when Alya came back to the house with Ryan and two of his friends Jamie and JD, and Yasmeen joined in on the fun with them.

Yasmeen had fun with Alya, Ryan, JD and Jamie (Credit: ITV)

As Alya crashed out on the sofa after her friends left, a hand was seen taking some precious items belonging to Yasmeen, including her deceased son Kal’s wedding ring, a photo of him, a bracelet her ex-husband Sharif gave her, and a necklace from Geoff.

When Alya realised what had happened, she noticed her keys were gone too and immediately Ryan’s friends JD and Jamie were the top suspects.

But after tracking them down, it turns out they had no idea what happened to the missing items.

It soon looked like Geoff was to blame when Alya and Ryan saw him drop Yasmeen’s missing necklace.

Alya and Ryan saw Geoff with Yasmeen’s necklace (Credit: ITV hub)

When they confronted him he produced a receipt that said he just purchased the necklace to replace the stolen one and it looked like Geoff was in the clear.

Later, he was seen going to meet a man down an alleyway with a bag full of the stolen items.

He asked the man for £500 for all of the items but he offered him £450 which Geoff accepted as he “wanted it gone”.

When the buyer handed back the photo frame, Geoff took out the picture of Yasmeen’s son and Alya’s father, Kal, who died in the Victoria Court flats fire back in 2015, and ripped the picture up.

Geoff ripped up Yasmeen’s picture of Kal (Credit: ITV hub)

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Viewers were angry at Geoff for ripping up the picture have branded him “evil”.

Later, when Alya returned home she suggested she should start looking for a place of her own.

Although Yasmeen wasn’t keen on the idea, Geoff encouraged it.

Last week, Coronation Street viewers worried for Yasmeen as Geoff became more controlling.

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