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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for May 30-June 3

An explosive week of drama leaves lives on the line

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal huge drama as Abi prepares to flee with Alfie.

Elsewhere on the cobbles Imran and Toyah are involved in a huge car smash, but is Kevin to blame?

Lives are on the line, but who will survive?

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1. Abi plans to flee

Coronation Street Abi looks stressed as she talks to Kevin

Abi is still planning the run away with baby Alfie.

Kevin agrees to help her with her plan.

2. Kelly accuses Imran

Imran Habeeb is annoyed when Kelly Neelan angrily accuses him of bribing Be

Kelly accuses Imran of bribing Ben to lie in court.

It’s clear he’s struggling with his guilt, but will he come clean?

3. Imran owns up?

Coronation Street Imran clearly feels guilty as he makes a phone call

Imran realises he has to tell the truth about what he’s done.

But will it be too late?

4. Abi busted

Angry Imran and upset Abi talk as it becomes clear she was trying to leave with Alfie

Abi realises the game is up with Imran when he catches her about to leave.

Has distraught Abi lost everything?

5. Toyah calls the police?

Corrie Toyah is stunned and wants to go to the police

When Imran tells her everything, Toyah wants to go to the police.

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6. A car crash risks lives?

There is a car crash on Coronation Street and Toyah and Imran lie unconscious in the wreckage

There is a huge car crash on the cobbles.

Imran and Toyah are in the vehicle when it smashes into a building.

There is a car crash on Coronation Street and Toyah and Imran lie unconscious in the wreckage

The couple lie unconscious in the wreckage.

But will they be okay?

7. Imran saves Toyah

Imran Habeeb tries to get injured Toyah out of the car wreckage

Imran manages to pull Toyah from the wreckage.

But it’s clear she’s in a bad way and he begs her not to die.

8. Kevin and Abi reunite in Coronation Street spoilers

Kevin cuddles a distraught Abi

Abi is stunned when Kevin tells her he wants her back for good.

The couple are united, but soon bad news comes their way…

Corrie Abi and Kevin are stunned when the police turn up to interview them

They are horrified when the police arrive.

The cops inform them Imran and Toyah have been involved in a crash.

9. Abi and Kevin questioned

Abi Webster looks shellshocked as she's interviewed by police

The police are investigating why the car didn’t break and question Abi.

Meanwhile, Kelly tells the police Imran was on his way to confess.

Coronation Street Kevin Webster looks defensive as he is interviewed by police

Kevin is under suspicion as he worked on the car before the accident.

But did he do anything to it?

Coronation Street Kevin and Abi Webster cuddle on the sofa

Kevin and Abi vow to fight for custody of Alfie.

But is either of them hiding something?

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