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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Aug 8-12

Is Toyah getting in too deep?

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal Toyah is really falling for Spider – but what is he hiding?

Meanwhile on the cobbles, Stu is desperate to tell his side of the story, but Yasmeen won’t listen.

And, Ryan faces his fate.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Toyah kisses Spider

Coronation Street Toyah kisses Spider

Spider pays Toyah a visit and it’s clear they are growing closer.

But Toyah is tormented by grief and kicks Spider out.

Coronation Street Toyah kisses Spider

However after he’s arrested during a protest, she invites him back to hers again.

When Toyah leans in for a kiss, Spider reciprocates.

Coronation Street Toyah kisses Spider

They head to the bedroom, but afterwards a guilty Toyah asks Spider to leave again.

He’s later seen outside on the phone telling the caller her can’t wait to get back – what – or who – is he hiding?

2. Stu rushed to hospital

Corrie Stu is surprised to see Yasmeen visit him in hospital

Stu is found on the street drunk and unconscious and is taken to hospital.

Kelly waits with him and lets Yasmeen know what’s happened.

Corrie Stu is surprised to see Yasmeen visit him in hospital

Yasmeen comes to visit Stu, but refuses to hear his explanations about what really happened in his past.

Stu feels worthless.

Coronation Street Kelly wants the truth from Stu who is in hospital

Kelly stands by Stu, but wants answers.

However, he kicks her out, telling her she isn’t welcome any more.

3. Stu arrested

Coronation Street Craig arrives to arrest Stu when he tries to make Yasmeen hear him out

Stu is desperate to explain his side of things.

He turns up at No.6 to get his watch back and refuses to leave until Yasmeen has heard the truth.

Coronation Street Craig arrives to arrest Stu when he tries to make Yasmeen hear him out

Yasmeen manages to secretly call Zeedan who bursts in with PC Craig.

Stu is arrested. Will he ever get to tell his side of the story?

4. What is Stephen hiding?

Coronation Street Sarah listens as Stephen angrily shouts down his phone

Stephen arranges a treat for Audrey, but rages at his bank when his card is declined.

It’s clear there something else going on when he later pays with a credit card in the name Mrs Gabrielle Reid.

5. Ryan accepts his fate

Coronation Street Ryan is caught by Ronnie tampering with the camera

Ryan is charged and must attend court the next day.

He wants to set up fake CCTV footage to get him off the hook, but Debbie refuses.

Coronation Street Ryan is caught by Ronnie tampering with the camera

When Ryan tries to do it himself, Ronnie catches him in the act.

Ronnie advises Ryan to accept his punishment.

Coronation Street Ryan looks nervous as he appears in court

Ryan goes to court and Ronnie supports him as the judge accepts his guilty plea.

As Ryan awaits his sentence, has he done the right thing?

6. Daisy has dreams

Coronation Street Daisy excitedly tells Daniel her plans to run the Rovers

Jenny is annoyed Leo didn’t tell her his plans to move to Canada, but Daisy urges her to go for it.

Daisy tells Daniel her plans to run the Rovers if Jenny departs.

Corrie Jenny is annoyed to hear Daisy's plans in the Rovers

Furious Jenny overhears their conversation.

She accuses Daisy of wanting to get rid of her.

Corrie Daisy tries to explain herself to Jenny

How will Daisy dig herself out of this hole?

7. Glenda the good

Corrie Sean looks scared

Sean is pining for Laurence, a dentist he met at the wake.

Glenda offers to help him.

Coronation Street Glenda looks gleeful as she helps Sean on the computer

She vows to hunt Laurence down and set them up on a date.

Sean is thrilled, and George impressed, but Eileen is irritated.

8. New love for Sean?

Corrie Sean looks serious during his date in the Bistro

Laurence bumps into George, who arranges a date for him and Sean.

But Sean gets cold feet.

Coronation Street Laurence and Sean enjoy themselves at a date in the Bistro

Dylan forces his dad to go.

Sean eventually turns up and he and Laurence get on brilliantly. Is this true love for Sean at last?

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9. Craig’s OCD returns?

Corrie Faye is unhappy with Craig's dietary restrictions

Craig is obsessively researching the menopause and is fixated on nutrition.

As he produces a chart he’s made for them to work from while they’re out for dinner in Speed Daal, Faye is overwhelmed.

Has his OCD returned?

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