Coronation Street Spider Nugent played by Martin Hancock

Spider Nugent in Coronation Street: Why has he returned?

Toyah and Spider were teenage sweethearts. Could they rekindle their love?

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Spider Nugent in Coronation Street was the eco-warrior nephew of Weatherfield legend Emily Bishop, and teenage sweetheart of Toyah Battersby.

His real name was Geoffrey, but he was only ever known as Spider to the residents of the Street.

As he returns to the Coronation Street cobbles tonight, where has he been? And what has actor Martin Hancock been up to since he left?

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Spider was an eco-warrior Credit: (ITV/Shutterstock)

Who is Spider Nugent in Coronation Street? How old is he?

Eco-warrior Spider arrived in Weatherfield to see his Auntie Em back in 1997.

He was born January 4 1972, making him 25 when he pitched up. Spider is now 50 years old.

He immediately caught the eye of teenage Toyah Battersby.

Spider – and Emily – embarked on all sorts of environmental crusades. They fought the council who wanted to cut down the trees on the Red Rec to build a development, and won.

Spider even ran for a seat on Weatherfield Council, but lost out to Audrey Roberts.

We reckon he’d have a lot in common with Maria Connor – maybe he can help her out now!

Toyah and Spider were a cute couple (Credit: ITV/Shutterstock)

Romance for Spider and Toyah

Though Toyah fell head over heels in love with her environmentally minded mate, Spider didn’t return her affections at first.

But finally, in 1999, the pair shared a kiss and they started a relationship.

Though they were devoted to one another, Spider had itchy feet and hankered to move to India. Toyah, though, didn’t want to leave Manchester, so the pair split and Spider left Weatherfield.

A little over a year later, Spider came back to the Street to ask Emily to invest in his new juice bar business. Emily obligingly wrote a cheque and off Spider went to London to seek his fortune.

What happened to Spider Nugent?

In 2003, Spider was back on the cobbles once more. This time, it was because poor Emily had been attacked by Corrie killer Richard Hillman!

While he was back in Weatherfield, Spider and Toyah rekindled their romance. Poor Toyah had been struggling with the aftermath of her rape and finding out her boyfriend John had slept with friend Maria, and she realised she didn’t want to stay in Coronation Street any more.

So together, Toyah and Spider left for the bright lights of London.

We don’t know what happened after that but we do know they split and Toyah moved to Liverpool and married someone else.

And Spider strapped on his rucksack and headed off to Peru, where he was joined by Emily in 2016.

Emily returned two years later, and it seemed Spider was still off in South America.

Coronation Street Spider smiles at Toyah in the bin lorry
Spider is back, but is it to cause trouble? (Credit: ITV)

Why does Spider return to Coronation Street?

With Toyah at rock bottom after being charged with husband Imran’s murder and losing her job at the factory, she throws herself into a protest against the council on Friday, July 1.

She is stunned when she hijacks a bin lorry and Spider jumps in beside her.

The pair catch up and she confesses what’s happened with Imran.

As she breaks down she invites Spider to stay over.

Next week, more trouble brews when Spider tells her he and his mates are planning to protest in the disused brewery building.

Toyah wants to get involved, but Spider doesn’t think it’s a good idea given her bail conditions. But she comes up with a way to help and steals the key from the desk at the Bistro.

Is Spider here to cause more trouble for Toyah? And exactly what is his plan?

Actor Martin Hancock is returning to Corrie as Spider (Credit: ITV)
Actor Martin Hancock is returning to Corrie as Spider (Credit: ITV)

Who played Spider Nugent? Is Martin Hancock married?

Spider is played by actor Martin Hancock.

Martin was born in 1969 making him three years older than Spider at 53.

He decided to leave the role in 2000 feeling his character had run his course.

Londoner Martin had roles in The Bill, Casualty and London’s Burning before landing the part of Spider – the role he said is his favourite!

He’s still acting and has been in many films and television shows, including playing Reg Lund in Holby City, and appearing in Cradle to Grave, The Enfield Haunting, and Endeavour.

Martin is married and it was actually his wife who is the real reason behind his comeback!

Speaking in a recent press interview with the Manchester Evening News he said: “I’ve always said if I was asked I would come back.

“Then towards Christmas last year Georgia [Taylor, Toyah] put a photo of us, a Toyah and Spider photo of us arm in arm when we were very young.”

He revealed his mother-in-law spotted it and rung him up to tell him he was in the press again.

“I looked at it and got all sentimental and then my wife said: ‘You’ve always said you’d go back and you’re not getting any younger, so I had a word with my agent and my agent had a word with Corrie.”

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