Coronation Street does Nina have PTSD?

Coronation Street hints at PTSD storyline for Nina as she suffers panic attack

She rescued Kelly from an attack, but suffered afterwards

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Coronation Street has hinted at a PTSD storyline for Nina Lucas following her ordeal over the last year.

Tonight (Friday November 26) saw Nina face her fears and rescue Kelly Neelan, who was being taunted by a gang of lads. Nina experienced flashbacks to her attack with Seb earlier this year, but managed to overcome them to save Kelly.

But at the end of the episode, Nina was alone in the cafe and she was struggling to breath as she constantly phoned Asha to get her to come over. It was clear Nina was having a panic attack.

Is this the start of a PTSD storyline for her?

Nina survived the hate attack, but Seb didn’t (Credit: ITV)

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What happened to Nina and Seb?

Nina and Seb were viciously attacked by Corey Brent and his gang of thugs back in May.

Both Seb and Nina were kicked to the ground, but while Nina managed to run, Seb was repeatedly kicked by Corey.

Nina survived the attack, but Seb sadly died in hospital leaving Nina, and Seb’s mum, Abi Franklin, distraught.

Although Corey was initially acquitted, Nina managed to find new evidence that he did murder Seb and last month, Corey was charged once again with his murder.

Kelly Neelan, who had been serving time for the killing, was released from prison, but Nina has struggled to forgive her.

Nina rescued Kelly from suffering the same fate Seb did (Credit: ITV)

Why did Nina rescue Kelly?

Kelly, who has been living on the streets since her release, was so down she succumbed to a dealer’s offer of spice. Stu found her on the drugs he went to find the dealer, while Kelly stumbled off in the direction of a gang.

They poured a drink over her and were taunting her just as Nina was walking past.

Nina was struck with flashbacks to what happened with Seb and struggled to intervene at first. But she overcame the memories and saved Kelly, before taking her back to the Street.

Is Nina suffering from PTSD? (Credit: ITV)

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Does Nina have PTSD in Coronation Street?

After returning Kelly to stay at the Alahans’, Nina headed off alone to Roy’s Rolls.

But she was soon seen breathing heavily, rubbing her face and pacing up and down as she repeatedly phoned Asha, who wasn’t answering.

It became clear Nina was having a panic attack as the room started spinning.

When Asha arrived soon after, Nina denied anything was wrong and insisted the phone calls had been an accidental pocket dial. Asha wasn’t convinced, but she bought Nina’s story and the pair headed off to spend some time together.

However, it was obvious from the look on Nina’s face that all is not well. Is she suffering from PTSD, triggered by saving Kelly from a similar attack?

Who can help Nina deal with this now Roy has left the Street to fight his own demons? Will Nina be okay?

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