Coronation Street viewers disgusted as Geoff leads Yasmeen to believe he took his own life

Coronation Street viewers disgusted as Geoff leads Yasmeen to believe he took his own life

Yasmeen is starting to see Geoff's true colours

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Coronation Street viewers have been left disgusted as Geoff Metcalfe led his wife Yasmeen Nazir to believe he had taken his own life.

In Friday night’s episode of Corrie (April 3) Yasmeen found Geoff’s emails to an escort agency and confronted him.

Geoff caught Yasmeen looking through his emails (Credit: ITV)

She wanted an explanation for the emails and the fact he hadn’t booked a hotel for Zeedan’s wedding.

Although he admitted to not booking a hotel, he told Yasmeen that the escort agency was a dating site he had been looking into for research for his radio show.

However Yasmeen put her foot down and told her husband she was going to Zeedan’s wedding in Spain and would be back in a few days.

Although he blocked her exit, in tonight’s episode (Monday, March 6) viewers saw she was able to leave the house.

Coronation Street fans' horror as Geoff turns violent with Yasmeen
Geoff tried to stop Yasmeen from leaving (Credit: ITV)

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As Yasmeen went to Alya’s, Geoff began bombarding his wife with text messages.

When she looked at the 42 messages, they read “come home”, “please” and “I’m sorry.”

However the last four messages said: “I can’t live without you”, followed by: “My head’s a mess and it’s all your fault”.

The next one said: “don’t be surprised if I’m dead when you get home”, and the last one read: “I love you, goodbye.”

Coronation Street: Did Geoff take his own life?

Feeling incredibly guilty, Yasmeen went back to her home with Alya to find a smashed photo frame and drops of blood.

Knowing Geoff was doing this to stop Yasmeen from going to Spain, Alya begged Yasmeen to come with her to the airport. But, Yasmeen refused.

Alya has been suspicious of Geoff for a while (Credit: ITV)

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Meanwhile at a bar, Geoff watched Yasmeen panic through the hidden camera he had set up.

Eventually Geoff came home and revealed he had cut his finger on the frame, explaining the blood.

However viewers were disgusted that Geoff had allowed her to think he may have taken his own life.

Has Yasmeen forgiven Geoff?

Although he and Yasmeen appeared to make up, it’s clear Yasmeen is still very suspicious about Geoff’s behaviour.

As Geoff went upstairs, she picked up her phone and called the police about accessing information under Clare’s law.

Viewers are worried that spying Geoff will have seen her calling the police…

Coronation Street’s scheduling pattern has changed due to the coronavirus pandemic and now airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7.30pm.

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