Coronation Street fans beg Yasmeen to find Geoff’s hidden camera while she’s cleaning the house

Will he be caught out soon?

Viewers of Coronation Street are desperate for Yasmeen to find Geoff Metcalfe’s hidden camera while she’s cleaning the house.

Fans of the soap have watched in horror recently, as the controlling bully has taken more and more rights away from his new wife in the disturbing coercive control plot.

Yasmeen Geoff housework
Geoff made Yasmeen smell his finger after checking up on her housework (Credit: ITV)

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This week, Geoff’s vile behaviour sunk to new lows when he tried to persuade her she was an alcoholic.

Hope it’s not long before the cameras are found and she gets rid off him. 

Over the past year, Geoff has been hacking away at Yasmeen’s self-confidence with his coercive behaviour – cutting her off from her friends, spying on her and ridiculing her.

Most recently, he’s made her stay at home more and more cleaning the house to his satisfaction.

Oh Geoff, soap fans HATE you! (Credit: ITV)

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No wonder fans have called for him to be killed off!

Others have begged the abused housewife to find the hidden camera that Geoff planted in the house to spy on her.

Writing on Twitter, one said: “Sick of Geoff. Hope it’s not long before the cameras are found and she gets rid off him. She was such a strong woman now she’s been made weak #Corrie.”

Another said: “Fingers crossed Geoff gets run over by a car or Yasmeen finds his camera and uses the footage against him.”

The same viewer added: “Surely to god Yasmeen would have found Geoff‘s hidden camera if she’s doing so much cleaning?”

A third asked: “Is Geoff’s hidden camera still in place? If Yasmeen is doing so much cleaning why hasn’t she found it? #gaslighting #corrie.”

On Digital Spy Forums, one viewer feared that even if Yasmeen DOES find the camera, she’ll believe whatever lies Geoff tells her, writing: “The hidden camera – will she find it? Oh if she does, he will say she put it there or something as stupid.”

Geoff has slowly chipped away at Yasmeen’s confidence (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were horrified last year when Geoff was seen spying on Yasmeen with a hidden camera he’d left in the house.

Will the camera be Geoff’s downfall?

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