Coronation Street fans fed up of ‘doom and gloom’ and want some ‘light-hearted’ storylines

There's been a siege, domestic abuse, murders and illness

Viewers of Coronation Street have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current storylines, accusing the scriptwriters of featuring too much “doom and gloom”.

Many soap fans have begged the ITV soap to feature more “light-hearted” plots like the good old days.

Christmas Day wasn’t merry and bright for the residents of Weatherfield (Credit: ITV)

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At the moment, there are several storylines which are making those watching at home feel incredibly uncomfortable.

Top of the list has to be the coercive control storyline between Geoff Metcalfe and his wife Yasmeen, which has been deeply distressing to viewers.

It is such a shame, Coronation Street used to be such a good and light-hearted programme.

Other dark plots include the arrival of John Stape’s daughter Jade Rowan to ruin Fiz’s life, as well as Gary Windass’ secret life as a loan shark and serial killer.

Jade arrived in Weatherfield with revenge on her mind (Credit: ITV)

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Christmas Day on the Street wasn’t a happy one either, when a gun siege left Derek Milligan and Robert Preston dead, and Shona Ramsey fighting for her life.

The death of Sinead Osbourne left viewers sobbing with grief just months earlier.

Writing on Coronation Street ITV Facebook fan page, one viewer commented on Shona’s fate, saying: “Bloody hell now I am depressed (doom and gloom). Just how long is this going to go on for?

“Have the writers lost their happy bones? How unlucky can David get?”

Corrie fans in tears as David is told Shona will never wake up
David’s life feels cursed sometimes (Credit: ITV)

One agreed, saying: “Yes I think the script writers can’t think of much more. Oh let’s give David some more misery!”

A third chipped in: “Think they need to hire more writers to brighten it up a bit. They need to hurry up!”

Others expressed their horror at the Geoff/Yasmeen coercive control storyline on Twitter, with one tweeting: “I know Corrie wants to tackle real issues, but I find it too upsetting to watch.

“I will be glad when this storyline comes to an end. Some light-hearted stories would make a nice change instead of all the doom and gloom consistently at the forefront of this series.”

Another added: “Getting a bit disappointed with Corrie at the moment, it’s lost its laughter. Recently it’s [become a] very depressing show. Gary thinking he’s a gangster, Geoff abusing his wife and this Hope and Jade business with Fiz… Just want a light-hearted storyline now.”

A third typed: “It is such a shame Coronation Street used to be such a good and light-hearted programme. Now it has such serious storylines and on at such an early time as well. What has happened to the programme?”

Some fans argued that Steve and Tracy often provide comic relief, while others mentioned Evelyn’s witty asides.

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