Coronation Street star Ian Bartholomew reveals wife and daughter's reaction to Geoff being stabbed

Coronation Street fans convinced Sally will find Geoff’s camera in the bin

Geoff set up the cameras to spy on Yasmeen

Coronation Street fans are convinced Sally Metcalfe will find Geoff Metcalfe’s camera in the bin.

Months ago, abusive Geoff set up a hidden camera in the living room of Yasmeen’s home.

A couple of weeks ago, the radio DJ threatened to kill his wife Yasmeen but she stabbed him in self-defence.

Geoff threatened Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

In last night’s episode (Monday, June 1), Geoff got back inside No.6 after the police forced Alya to hand over the keys.

The second he was left alone, Geoff went through the camera footage knowing that it could have captured what really happened the night of the incident.

As he went onto his laptop, he wiped the footage. However his son Tim walked in and began to question what the camera was for.

Geoff deleted the footage from the night Yasmeen stabbed him (Credit: ITV)

Geoff explained he set the camera up to ‘help him sleep better at night’ and was checking to see if it caught anything.

But he said it was on the blink and the last thing it recorded was two weeks previous and that’s why he didn’t tell the police.

Geoff claimed he used the camera to help him as he was scared of Yasmeen (Credit: ITV)

He then lied further saying Yasmeen knew about the camera. As Tim suggested the camera could have picked up another time Yasmeen was ‘aggressive’ towards her husband, his dad quickly said she was mostly horrible to him upstairs before crying and calling himself an idiot.

Tim agreed not to tell anyone about the camera, including his wife Sally. But fans think she will find out after Geoff’s ‘mistake’.

Coronation Street: Geoff disposing the camera

Geoff put the camera in amongst the rubbish (Credit: ITV)

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Back at Sally and Tim’s, Geoff took out the rubbish from their dinner to the outdoor bin. He placed the camera in the takeaway bag.

However fans think that Sally will come across the camera.

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Sally’s suspicions begin to rise

Later this week, Sally is disgusted when she discovers Geoff had been hiring escorts.

I hope Sally goes through that bin and finds that camera!

The Speed Daal worker admits he did hire women, however lies saying it was because Yasmeen wouldn’t have sex with him.

However Tim stands by his dad and believes it can only help his case as it proves Yasmeen had a motive to kill him.

Will Tim ever see his dad’s true colours?

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