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Emmerdale’s Alfie Clarke surprised by sweet gift following soap’s NTA win

Alfie has been at the centre of a bullying storyline

Alfie Clarke, who plays Arthur Thomas in Emmerdale, was surprised by a sweet gift following the soap’s National Television Award win.

On Alfie’s mum’s Twitter account, she posted a picture of her son holding up a chocolate plaque which said: “Emmerdale NTA winners 2020!”

Alongside the picture, Fiona wrote: “Alfie was surprised to get this in the post this morning. Lovely touch @emmerdale.”

Fans rushed to comment.

One wrote: “Bet it won’t last long. Congratulations. He’s been doing great with the recent bullying storyline.”

A second tweeted: “That’s really awesome Alfie a massive well done mate. Keep up your excellent acting.”

Emmerdale won the accolade last month, but some fans were divided over the soap’s triumph.

Over the last few months Alfie’s alter ego has been at the centre of a bullying storyline, where Arthur has been targeting little Archie Breckle.

Arthur and Archie Emmerdale bullying storyline
At first Arthur and Archie got along (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

Archie returned to the village after his mum Rachel unexpectedly died.

The little boy was brought back to the village by his uncle Dan and started living with his dad Jai.

Jai, who was in a relationship with Arthur’s mum Laurel Thomas, struggled to get the little boy to talk, but it was Arthur who got Archie to open up.

However, Arthur quickly became jealous and began tormenting Archie.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie
Arthur began bullying Archie (Credit: ITV)

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He hit Archie, causing him to pass out, said horrible things about him and Rachel, and caused Archie to run away.

A couple of weeks ago, Laurel learned her late husband Ashley’s dad, Sandy, had died in Australia.

Thinking he was being punished for bullying Archie, Arthur confessed what he had done to Laurel.

Although Laurel insisted they told Jai and Jimmy, who had been accused of hurting Archie, the truth, she decided to keep quiet until after Sandy’s funeral.

Arthur told Laurel the truth bullying storyline Emmerdale
Arthur told Laurel the truth (Credit: ITV)

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Currently Laurel, Arthur, his half-sister Gabby and sister Dotty are in Australia, but will Laurel get Arthur to tell the truth when they return?

Although Arthur has been bullying Archie, in real life, young actors Alfie and Kai Assi are “best buddies.”

Do you think Laurel should get Arthur to come clean?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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