Emmerdale’s Arthur and Archie actors Alfie Clarke and Kai Assi ‘best buddies’ in real life

The boys' characters are currently in the middle of a bullying storyline

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Child actors Alfie Clarke and Kai Assi, who play Arthur Thomas and Archie Breckle in Emmerdale might be enemies on screen, but they are “best buddies” in real life.

Alfie’s mum, Fiona, posted a photo of the two boys happily smiling in what looks to be a cafe.

Alongside the photo she tweeted: “Best buddies.”

Fans rushed to comment.

One wrote: “Good to see you are friends! Both are good actors. Hope you are in Emmerdale for a long time to come.”

A second tweeted: “Ahhh this picture is super cute.”

Another said: “Very talented boys! They’re doing a great job with this storyline.”

Whilst in real life the boys appear to be good friends, their current storyline in the ITV soap has seen Arthur bullying Archie.

Back in September, Archie was brought back to Emmerdale village after the sudden death of his mum Rachel.

Archie returned to Emmerdale earlier this year after the death of his mum (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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Dan brought Archie to live with his dad Jai, who is in a relationship with Arthur’s mum, Laurel.

For the first few weeks of living with his dad, Archie never spoke a word until Arthur managed to coax him out of his shell.

However Arthur soon became jealous of the attention Archie was receiving and began bullying and tormenting him.

When Archie ran off during a memorial picnic for Arthur’s dad Ashley, the schoolboy got annoyed and back at the house, he punched Archie and knocked him unconscious.

Emmerdale fans horrified by Arthur's evil abuse of Archie
Arthur has been bullying Archie for weeks (Credit: ITV)

Later when Laurel and Jai were checking his injuries, assuming he fell off a chair, they spotted more bruises on his arm.

Arthur immediately covered and lied saying family friend Jimmy King was responsible.

In last night’s episode (December 10 2019), it all got a bit too much for Archie.

When Arthur and the other kids began picking on Archie, the little boy slapped Jimmy’s daughter Angelica.

Later as he tried to tell Jai and Laurel his reason for hitting Angelica, Arthur stopped him and later told him everyone would be happier if he left, encouraging him to go live in the woods.

Archie ran away (Credit: YouTube/Emmerdale)

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Poor Archie believed Arthur and packed his bags, later running off into the night.

With Archie now missing, will Arthur be forced to come clean about how he’s really been treating Archie?

Emmerdale airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays.

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