What every Big Brother winner is doing now

Mixed fortunes!

A batch of civilian housemates are currently battling it out to be crowned Bug Brother 2018. But whose footsteps will they be following in? We look back at every winner of civilian BB and finding out what they are doing now!

Craig Phillips – 2000

Craig Phillip’s confronting Nasty Nick (Credit: Channel 4)

He was the cheeky Scouser with the heart of gold. Construction worker Craig became a national hero when he not only confronted BB baddie Nasty Nick but also pledged to donate his 70k winnings to a family friend with Downs Syndrome called Joanne Harris to help pay for a heart and lung transplant. Joanne had the surgery but sadly died in 2008.

Craig, who went on to become a successful home improvements expert, has continued to do charity work in the memory of his pal.

However, his hard grafting has paid of and in 2014 was named one of the UK’s richest reality stars.

“I think for me I was lucky because I already had a construction trade called Craig Phillips which I ran from Shropshire for 10 years before the show and that opened doors for me,” he told the Shropshire Star.

“A lot of people think they are going to go on a reality show and just become rich from it but the likelihood is, it is not going to happen.

“As quickly as they are making Big Brother and the X Factor, they come and go and they are ready for the next one before the stars of the last one have landed on their feet.”

Brian Dowling – 2001

Brian Dowling was announced Big Brother winner in 2001 (Credit: Channel 4)

When the Irish gay trolley dolly sashayed into the BB house, he was an instant hit with viewers. So it came as no surprise when he scooped the top prize in the final.

After BB, Brian enjoyed considerable success in TV, presenting shows like SM:TV and when Channel 5 bought the rights to BB, he replaced Davina McCall as presenter.

He married his long term boyfriend Arthur Gourounlain in 2015 and now presents shows in Ireland.

He said a couple of years ago that he felt the series had changed a lot since his times on the show.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: “I appeared in the show in 2001 before returning in 2010 for Ultimate Big Brother. I was also lucky enough to host the show for three years or six or seven series and how do I say this?

“It has changed where it’s probably more produced reality as opposed to when I was on the show and it was reality. I think if we did my show now from 2001 I don’t think people would watch cause they would find it boring. When we did take our tasks it would last three days. Now you’ve got to do tasks every day.

He added: “We had to keep a fire alight for a week and had to train a dog how to do tricks. Nowadays if people watched that they would go it’s so boring. If I was in the show now I’d be voted out straight away.”

Kate Lawler – 2002

Kate Lawler won Big Brother in 2002 (Credit: Channel 4)

It’s easy to think based on her phenomenal post BB career that it was Jade Goody who won the third series of Big Brother – but she actually only came fourth! It was, in fact, Kate Lawler who scooped the title.

Although she left the house to do the obligatory OK! shoots and telly presenting (RI:SE), she eventually took herself out of the limelight and focused on becoming a DJ.

She can now be found on the radio having cut her teeth at Capital and now doing her thing on Virgin.

In April of this year, Kate announced that she was engaged to her boyfriend Martin.

This was the first time she had been so open about her relationship, having previously admitted: “The other day, I was asked to do a photoshoot at home with me and my boyfriend and I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to’. I’ve never wanted to do shoots with my partners – I like to keep my personal life personal.”

Cameron Stout – 2003

Cameron Stout in the diary room (Credit: Channel 4)

Series four was the notoriously dull series of Big Brother that saw viewers turn off in their droves. Cam was a nice guy from Orkney, who was so sweet that he actually makes Alex from Love Island look like a Hell’s Angel.

Nevertheless, he actually got 1,9 million votes on final night and scooped the prize money.

After the show, Cameron stuck to his word and bought his church in Orkney a new piano and to this day can be seen tinkling those ivories at Sunday services.

For a while he enjoyed the fame that came with his time on BB and became a spokesman for the Hall of Clestrain in the BBC series Restoration and wrote columns for The Sunday Post and the Aberdeen Evening Express before becoming a teacher.

“I’d always had a dream of going into teaching, but for some reason, I hadn’t dared to pursue it,” Cameron told Single Friendly Church. “I was working in the seafood industry before I went into Big Brother. Afterwards, I had a lot of freelance media opportunities and I enjoyed that for some years. But part of me was thinking, ‘How long can this nonsense go on?!'”

He added: “Then I learned about a teaching course in Orkney. It was the ideal time to make a change, and the course and tutors were very inspiring. I now commute by ferry each day to neighbouring island Hoy, where I work in a tiny, two-teacher primary school. Teaching is challenging at times, but hugely rewarding. The kids make my day, every day – the bureaucracy doesn’t!”

Nadia Almada – 2004

Nadia Almada won Big Brother in 2004 (Credit: Channel 4)

Long before trans issues were all over the news, Big Brother was smashing down barriers by introducing reality TV’s first ever trans star!

Portuguese Nadia was a hoot in the turbulent house that saw the infamous ‘fight night’ take place and audiences were entertained from start to finish by her hilarious behavior.

She was feisty, ferociously fiery and hilarious, especially when she was desperate for cigarettes.

After winning the show, she did the rounds of the celeb weeklies, released a single called A Little Bit Of Action (it got to number 27) and appeared in other reality shows like Come Dine With Me.

She later appeared on Ultimate Big Brother which saw her leave the competition early on.

These days the flamboyant lass lives a quiet life in London where she is a hair colourist!

Anthony Hutton – 2005

Anthony Hutton was announced the winner of Big Brother in 2005 (Credit: Channel 4)

This Geordie cutie enjoyed a rather adventurous time in the Big Brother house. He frolicked naked in the hot tub with Makosi and was convinced by her that he’d got her pregnant after a miracle five minutes, witnessed Kinga do what no woman should ever do with a wine bottle and was the focus of gay Craig’s sexual obsession and offered viewers reality TV’s first bromance.

After the show Anthony did the usual slew of photo shoots for the celeb weeklies, including one with brief girlfriend Zoe Birkett, and made guest appearances on a slew of reality shows, including The Match, before stepping away from public life.

These days he runs his own swanky barber shop called Mr Hutton’s Barber and Bar in Darlington and hasn’t looked back.

“I’ve had the idea for ages and it was one of those things that was put on a backburner, but I was always hell-bent on doing it,” the handsome lad told The Northern Echo.

“I started doing research about it and couldn’t find anything like it – though Carlsberg had an advert saying, ‘if we did barber shops’, and that’s the kind of concept I’ve gone for.

“I’ve been in Darlington for the last three years with my partner, Sophie, and we have a lot of friends and support in the area. When we saw the spot had become available, we just had to have it.”

Pete Bennett – 2006

Pete Bennett won Big Brother in 2006 (Credit: Channel 4)

Pete was the wild child Brightonian with Tourette’s Syndrome, whose lovable ways and unlikely relationship with Nikki Grahame charmed the hearts of the nation.

For a time after the show, he and Nicky were darlings of the media as their relationship went from strength to strength. He was even praised by Tourette’s charities for putting the condition on the map. Sadly, like most reality unions, the pair split and went their separate ways.

For the next few years Pete lost his way and he revealed on The Jeremy Kyle Show in 2015 that he had blown his fortune on a ketamine addiction.

“I had all the money and didn’t know what to do with it. I put it on the wrong things,” he said.

Luckily he was back on track a while later and starred in a horror film called Crispy’s Curse about a Christian rock band taking on a killer clown.

When times got tough again, Pete decided to start his own celebrity cleaning business called Celebriclean.

“I thought, ‘Oh God, it’s really hard to get work… with being on telly,’ so I thought, ‘I know’ I started cleaning,” Pete told Loose Women.

“I thought, ‘hang on a minute’, because every time I was cleaning someone’s house you get people going ‘Selfie, Pete. Selfie, Pete’, You know what I mean?”

“So I thought, why don’t we use this as a business where we get fans of people on telly to come and clean their house?”

Brian Belo – 2007

Brian Belo won Big Brother in 2007 (Credit: Channel 4)

Brian was the Essex lad who lived and breathed Big Brother. He was a self-confessed BB addict so when he scooped the title – the youngest winner so far – it just felt right.

Like many BB stars before he him, Brian attempted and sadly failed to ignite a pop career before settling down to become a TV producer.

One show that he pitched was called Totally Essex which featured among its cast a certain Mark Wright, Sam Faeirs and Kirk Norcross. Sound familiar?

When TOWIE hit screens Brian took ITV and Lime Pictures to court and settled out of court. Brian is still working in TV development.

Earlier this year Brian launched a Twitter attack on Big Brother and took a pop at Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal, raging: “The presenters are just not good enough. I can’t watch another season with them on BB! That’s not being nasty, that’s being truthful.” Ouch!

Rachel Rice – 2008

Rachel Rice won Big Brother in 2008 (Credit: Channel 4)

Rachel was the winner of series nine, the year Big Brother started to go off the boil. She was the super sweet gal with a degree in English and Drama, who said all she wanted to do with the prize money was pay of her student debts and give some to charity. Awww, nice, eh?

When she left the house she was cruelly booed by fans and she returned to her teaching roots as an Assistant Head Teacher of a secondary school in Wales, got married and had some kids.

Looking back on her time, she told “Some people didn’t like me – they said I was boring  because I wouldn’t get involved in discussing who’d be out, I wouldn’t bitch and that… I sat on the fence. But I knew my friends and family at home knew the real me. I stayed true to myself.”

She added:  “But I was aware the cameras weren’t on me much – I knew I wasn’t getting much airtime but at the same time I didn’t care. I knew people in Wales would be supporting me.

“I’m very strong, the more they told me I was boring, the more I was determined not to act up just to keep them happy.”

And speaking of the negative reaction she had when she left the house, Rachel recalled: “I could hear the boos and I thought ‘oh dear, what have I done?’ Looking back I know it was [contestants] Luke, Dale and the boys geeing them on. I thought that was a shame – that was a little bit sad, but people are competitive. It was still an

Sophie Reade – 2009

Sophie Reade after being announced Big Brother Winner in 2009 (Credit: Channel 4)

Sophie was the pretty glamour girl who changed her middle name to “Dogface” as part of a challenge in the house. She won the show with a whopping 74.4% of the public vote.

Post BB she went on to work for various publications including Playboy and dated a couple of footballers. In 2012, she revealed online that she had suffered dark times: “I’ve been declared depressed but I shall become a stronger from this #respect #staystrong. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Feel so much better to be getting help now, did a lot of stuff I’m not proud of to make myself feel better and makes it worse! Helps to talk,” she said.

In 2013 Sophie had a baby boy called Walter with Aberdeen striker David Goodwillie, who left her shortly afterwards.

Earlier this year, Sophie posted a picture of her with enhanced lips that shocked her fans.

Josie Gibson – 2010

Josie Gibson won Big Brother in 2010 (Credit: Channel 4)

Josie Gibson was the last winner of Channel 4’s Big Brother. She was the loveable Bristolian who fell for Aussie hunk John James Parton.

After the show she and John enjoyed a turbulent media relationship in the public eye until they split in the actual pages of OK! magazine.

Josie went on to be a telly favourite, appearing on varous shows, and she even released her own perfume called Josie in 2011.

Josie hit the headlines when she lost an incredible 7st, which led to her embarking on a successful career as a personal trainer and nutritional advisor.

She and her property develop partner Terry welcomed their first baby in September.

“We are so excited! I feel so relaxed and calm,” she said on Twitter, ahead of the birth. “Although I still think I’m in shock. We left our first scan and I just looked at Terry and said, ‘What have we done?!’ Life is going to change a lot, but we are so happy.”

Aaron Allard-Morgan – 2011

Aaron Allard-Morgan being announced Big Brother Winner in 2011 (Credit: Channel 5)

And so we enter the Channel 5 years…. The series the public forgot. Aaron was a contract manager from Weston-super-Mare and won the show and was booed as he left!

He later criticised the show for its poor aftercare for contestants, and claimed that four of his fellow housemates had tried to take their lives.

“I genuinely fear for [new housemates], they don’t realise what they’re letting themselves in for,” he said during an interview on The Wright Stuff.

“They give you very little preparation for what’s likely to happen. From my year, with the 15 of us, I know that four of them have tried to commit suicide after the show just because of the ramifications and impact that it has on your life.

“You’re not prepared and you don’t have the aftercare that perhaps you should be getting afterwards.”

Big Brother offers all contestants psychological support before, during and after the show.

Aaron went on to run his own bar in Weston-super-Mare, which has since closed down.

Luke Anderson – 2012

Luke Anderson won Big Brother in 2012 (Credit: Channel 5)

Chef Luke Anderson was BB’s first transgender man to win the show, and has since gone on to be an ambassador for trans rights.

A successful head chef at The Pied Bull, the oldest coaching house in Chester, Luke is father to twins with his husband Jamie-Lee Anderson.

Luke took a pop at Big Brother in 2016 after former BB contestant Ryan Ruckledge made nasty comments about him online.

“I think BB [producers] are just desperate for characters rather than regular people, it should just be axed now.”

He added: “Big Brother finished years ago, the programme we view now is just like Geordie Shore / Ex on the beach / TOWIE. “I think the producers have adapted the format to keep younger viewers (who seem to revel in fake drama) entertained. I love Big Brother. This isn’t Big Brother.”

Sam Evans – 2013

Sam Evans won Big Brother in 2013 (Credit: Channel 5)

Sam Evans was a deaf stock assistant who won the fourteenth series of the show. After the show he appeared to do very little, took part in a Welsh TV programme on S4C, where he learned to speak the Welsh language with other celebrities and became an ambassador for SoundSeekers, a charity that helps deaf and hearing impaired people in poor communities. Have you seen Sam anywhere? Drop us a line if you have…

Helen Wood – 2014

Helen Wood had many arguments in the Big Brother house (Credit: Channel 5)

This Bolton beauty was the tough, feisty former escort who was already notorious for having a high profile threesome with Wayne Rooney.

She surprised fans by winning because she had ended up having so many arguments in the house.

While she went on to write a column for the Daily Star newspaper,  she is now in the process of writing an autobiography in which she vows to reveal the name of a British actor who paid to have sex with her.

Although she is banned from naming him here in the UK, she plans to reveal all in a US version of the page turner.

Speaking a couple of years ago on This Morning she admitted that she regretted making mean spirited comments about their encounter and now as a mum understood why the actor had taken out a super injunction.

“I get why he’s done it, he’s a bit spooked that I’d sell a story, but I wouldn’t have done that,” she said.

“I actually got upset because now I’m a bit older – I have a 12 year old – I know he has children, I feel bad if they know about this.”

Chloe Wiburn – 2015

Chloe Wilburn won Big Brother in 2015 (Credit: Channel 5)

Chloe who? Yes, Chloe was the winner of this incredibly forgettable series of BB in 2015. When she won she supposedly went back to her old job. On her Twitter bio she describes herself as a “Medical Cannabis Activist and CBD seller”.

She also told her followers that she is engaged and is now a mum! Aww!

Jason Burrill – 2016

Jason Burrill won Big Brother in 2016 (Credit: Channel 5)

This was the series that saw a return to form for the show and was a ratings winner for Channel 5 thanks to its brilliantly cast selection of housemates.

With so many colourful characters in the house, it came as a surprise that housewives favourite and film body double Jason eventually won.

Since the show, he has gone from strength to strength and has invested his money in property that will eventually earn him £20million.

“I was offered lots from my time in Big Brother, but I decided to quit while I was ahead and to focus my efforts on what I know best – business,” he told The Sun.

“I used my winnings from the show to invest into property and got back my property development bug which has thankfully paid off.

“I ventured back into it using my Big Brother winnings to start the process moving again and so far, touch wood, have had a lot of great investments turn good.

“You hear stories that Big Brother can stop people succeeding but actually it’s not hindered me at all.”

Isabelle Warburton – 2017

Isabelle Warburton won Big Brother in 2017 (Credit: Channel 5)

Tango-faced housemate Isabelle was the sweet lass who got in to a scrap with muscle head Lotan Carter, a moment which saw him kicked out of the house. Shy and likable, she was eventually voted series winner.

After leaving the house the tanned beauty said she wanted to start a tanning business.

“Winning Big Brother opens a lot of doors and what I do with it could be life-changing for sure,” she revealed.

“So I’m looking to open a women’s tanning salon, I’m going to embrace what I do best, and that’s tanning! I want to open 20 shops across the UK ultimately. A few tanning brands have been in touch wanting to get involved.

“The first will be in Manchester and we’re looking in the Northern Quarter for sites now.

“I want somewhere where people will walk out and think ‘I look wicked, I feel really good.'”

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