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This Morning presenters: Is Josie Gibson single? How much weight has she lost?

She's cracking back on with her diet and fitness regime

Josie Gibson has to be one of our favourite This Morning presenters.

Currently presenting the show’s Dosh on Your Doorstep segment, Josie is a laugh a minute.

But life away from the camera hasn’t always been cheerful for the star.

She’s had her fair share of heartbreaks and even been the victim of an assault that left her with a black eye.

Read on for all you need to know about the This Morning star.

Josie Gibson stuns fans on Instagram
Josie Gibson is one of the This Morning presenters (Credit: Splash News)

This Morning presenters: How did Josie Gibson find fame?

Josie burst onto the reality TV scene back in 2010 when she won the 11th series of Big Brother.

She won with a whopping 77.5% of the public vote, the highest percentage out of any other Big Brother series ever.

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After that, she used her overnight fame to move into presenting – and it’s fair to say she’s a natural.

Josie’s first gig was on OK! TV presenting the showbiz news, before she moved to Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

Appearances on shows including Loose Women and Celebrity Juice followed, before she became part of the This Morning family.

She’s also starred in two of her own reality shows, released a fitness DVD and appeared on The Jump in 2017.

However, she was the first celebrity eliminated after she refused to take part in the live ski jump.

What happened with Josie and boyfriend John James Parton?

Josie and John James got together when they appeared on Big Brother.

However, after they split she claimed he was “jealous” of her winning the show and ruined what should have been the “most amazing time of my life”.

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“I never changed, but he got nastier. I think he thought I should put up with it because I was the fat, ugly one and he was the good-looking one,” she told New magazine.

“But sorry, mate. I could look like the back end of a bus and I still wouldn’t put up with your rubbish.”

She added: “In the end I was apologetic for winning the show. Now, looking back, I realise he was jealous of it. What should have been the most amazing time of my life was turned into the most miserable time because it got brought down by John James.”

this morning presenters
Josie with her son Reggie (Credit: Splash News)

Who is son Reggie’s dad?

Josie gave birth to son Reggie-James in September 2018.

She and Reggie’s dad Terry split when the tot was four months old, but Josie revealed he had moved back in during lockdown to help her look after their son.

She said: “You can’t live with him, you can’t live without it.”

He’s since moved back out of her Bristol home.

What happened when This Morning presenter Josie was assaulted?

Josie shared videos of herself sporting a black eye after a night out on New Year’s Eve in 2017.

She was out with a friend and the pair decided to share a black cab to another nightclub with another reveller they’d met on their night out.

It culminated in an altercation kicking off in the back of the taxi and ended with amateur boxer Thomas Jenkins being sentenced to 31 weeks in prison.

Prosecutor Ian Fenny admitted that Jenkins had been injured by a shoe “wielded by one of the two complainants, Miss Gibson”.

He said it was a reaction to “what she perceived was the defendant’s behaviour to her friend”.

As a result, Josie was struck in the face by the amateur boxer.

When she posted news of the injury to social media, she said she was inundated with abuse.

This Morning presenters: How much weight has Josie lost?

Josie was a size 20 and weighed 16 stone when she on Big Brother.

In the run up to her releasing her fitness DVD, she shifted six stone and dropped to a size 8.

She then had surgery to remove 6lb of excess skin.

this morning presenters
Josie is back on her fitness regime Credit: ITV)

However, she has admitted putting the weight back on during her pregnancy.

“I put on about four-and-a-half stone while I was pregnant with Reggie. I craved carbs. I’d eat bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner if I could,” she quipped.

These days Josie is back on her fitness regime.

Earlier this year she proudly revealed that she was back in her size 14 jeans.

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