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Kate Lawler gives birth to a ‘gorgeous’ baby girl with ‘lots of hair’, fiancé Martin reveals

Has Kate got a secret 'hairy lover'?!

Kate Lawler has given birth to a “gorgeous” baby girl, her fiancé Martin has revealed.

Late last night (February 11), Martin – nicknamed Boj – shared the happy news on Instagram.

He said it was a “complicated” birth and that Kate was “absolutely pooped” but they hoped they baby would be with them today “all being good”.

Kate announced her pregnancy back in September.

Kate lawyer and fiancé Martin
Kate Lawler has welcomed her first baby, fiancé Martin has revealed (Credit: Splash News)

What do we know about Kate Lawler’s new baby?

Big Brother 2002 winner Kate gave birth yesterday after her waters broke two weeks early.

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She was booked in for a planned caesarian and was hoping the hospital could fit her in for an “abdominal birth”.

Well, it seemed they found space, because little Nuchky – the nickname Kate and Martin have been calling their daughter throughout the pregnancy – soon made her arrival.

Kate lawyer gives birth
Martin broke the news on social media (Credit: Instagram)

What did fiancé Martin say about his baby with Kate Lawler?

Martin took to his Instagram Stories to apologise for the “radio silence” and said it had been a long day.

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He shared a couple of selfies from the back of a taxi on his way home from hospital.

Martin revealed: “Hi everyone, sorry for the radio silence, it’s been a looooooooong day.

We had a bit of a complication but Nuchky is okay and on the quick mend and will be with us tomorrow, all being good.

“Nuchky is fine, fit and healthy, as is Kate. We had a bit of a complication but Nuchky is okay and on the quick mend and will be with us tomorrow, all being good.”

In the next picture, he said that Kate was “absolutely pooped”.

He added: “So I’ve left her to sleep and I’m going to try and get some shut eye myself.

“Nuchky is gorgeous and has lots of hair which makes me think that Kate definitely has a hairy lover out there (not really).”

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Who has sent their congratulations?

Martin said it had been an “overwhelming day” but confirmed that the couple had received lots of well wishes from their friends.

He said the new baby has around “200,000” new aunties. He added they were “ready to march in for her if she ever needs help”.

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