Piers Morgan lashes out on Twitter

Piers Morgan savages man who stopped his car to hurl abuse at him in street

Piers lashed out on Twitter

Piers Morgan has savaged a man who stopped his car to hurl abuse at him in the street today on his Twitter.

The controversial 56-year-old presenter hit back at the real-life troll in a tweet that all 7.9 million of his followers could see.

What did Piers Morgan post on Twitter?

The presenter explained to his Twitter followers that he was in Chiswick, West London this morning (Friday, December 3) when the incident happened.

Piers wrote: “Merry Christmas to the delightful gentleman who just stopped his car in Chiswick to video me on his phone as he shouted: ‘Piers Morgan, you’re a [bleeping] [bleep].”

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“To be fair,” Piers continued, “If I had a car that cheap, and a head that gnarled, I’d be permanently enraged too.”

Whilst Piers’ Twitter clap-back earned him a few thousand likes, many of his followers were less than impressed with Piers’ criticism of the man’s car.

What did Piers Morgan’s Twitter followers have to say?

Piers morgan on gmb
Most of Piers Morgan’s Twitter followers weren’t exactly sympathetic (Credit: ITV)

“The saddest thing about this is that you think there is something wrong with having a cheap car,” one follower replied.

“So you post a tweet that you found his comments derogatory. Then retort with derogatory comments of your own. Think about that, there is a word for it. Now, what is that word?” another follower said.

“What has the cost of his car got to do with anything?” another follower asked.

Many of Piers Morgan’s Twitter followers seemed to be on the side of the “delightful gentleman” who’d hurled abuse at the presenter in the street.

“Well, he wasn’t lying, so there’s that,” one follower replied.

“Any idea who it was?” another asked. “I’d like to buy him a pint.”

“I think we should all shout it at the same time,” a third suggested.

“And there was me losing faith in the British public… I feel buoyed and ready for the day now,” another said.

What else has Piers Morgan been up to?

Piers morgan isn't known for biting his tongue on twitter
Piers Morgan isn’t known for biting his tongue, in person or on Twitter (Credit: SplashNews.com)

It wasn’t all bad for Piers on his visit to Chiswick today though. The presenter managed to make friends with some estate agents later on, with who he uploaded a photo on his Twitter.

“I’m more popular with estate agents than motorists…” he joked.

This isn’t the first time Piers Morgan has taken to Twitter to swipe back at those who’ve insulted him or rubbed him up the wrong way.

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Just last week (November 24), the presenter took to Twitter to hit back at GMB presenter Adil Ray. Adil had implied that Piers was a “baby” who had a “tantrum” while presenting on GMB. Adil was seemingly referencing the time Piers stormed off the GMB set following an argument with Alex Beresford regarding Meghan Markle.

“Hmmm. Given how Mr Ray has helped destroy GMB’s ratings since I left, if I were him I’d probably avoid mocking the guy who took them to record heights….” Piers wrote in reply to Adil’s comments.

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