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Piers Morgan divides fans as he shares picture of his downstairs toilet on Twitter

He's got some unusual bog roll…

Piers Morgan caused quite a stir when he posted a picture of his downstairs toilet on Twitter earlier today (July 30).

The former Good Morning Britain anchor joked with followers as he shared the snap.

However, many took to the post with the same demand after Piers hit publish.

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Piers Morgan caused a stir when he posted a picture of his downstairs loo on Twitter (Credit: Splash News)

So what did Piers Morgan post on Twitter?

Piers shared a picture of his downstairs loo, complete with “Boris Butt Wipes” and “Poop on Piers” toilet paper.

He also had a Donald Trump toilet brush.

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Piers captioned the post: “A lot of [bleep]s occupy our downstairs loo.”

However, while many thought it was hilarious and loved Piers poking fun at himself, others noticed something which left them feeling a little queasy.

Yes, Piers was branded a “typical man” as he left the toilet set up for the photo.

And, with the post coming just before lunchtime, many Piers fans took to social media to voice their disapproval over his actions.

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So what did Piers’ fans say?

Alongside the crying with laughter emojis there were many horrified followers.

One used the green queasy emoji and said: “Put the toilet seat down !! 🤢”

Another echoed their sentiments: “Put the seat down!😢”

“Toilet seat is up 😱,” said another as they recoiled in horror.

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“You left the lid up!…. FFS!” said another.

“Why do men leave the toilet seat up?” asked another Piers follower.

“Toilet lid down please 🤪,” another commented.

“Typical man – left the seat up!!” said one woman.

“Put the lid down!” demanded another.

“Why is the lid up?” another fan questioned.

So why should you put the toilet seat down?

For very good reason, according to the experts.

When you flush the toilet, in addition to taking whatever you’ve left behind down into the sewer pipes, your toilet also releases something called toilet plume into the air.

This is basically a spray filled with microscopic bacteria, including Ecoli.

It’s thought the germs emitted in the spray can linger in the air for up to six hours.

And, not only that, they disperse themselves all over your bathroom – including on your toothbrush, towels and beauty products.


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