As Piers Morgan viciously rips Twitter troll a new one, his best ever comebacks

The former GMB star is somewhat of a keyboard warrior

Piers Morgan manages to cause controversy everywhere, whether it’s Instagram, Twitter or live television.

He’s renowned for his sharp tongue and a fiery temper and isn’t shy about showing it off.

He’s had some pretty memorable zingers over the past few years, and here’s the best of the bunch.

Piers loves to battle it out on Twitter (Credit: Splashnews)

Piers Morgan’s best Twitter and Instagram comebacks

Yesterday, after getting called fat, Piers decided to throw some serious shade back.

However, we’re not quite sure what his loving wife might think of this one.

When it comes to comedy, Piers clearly likes to think of himself as funnier than the professionals.

When BBC star Nish Kumar questioned if his jokes were the reason behind why he gets trolled, Piers had a pretty, erm, blunt response.

Next up is Piers Morgan and his ongoing feud with singer James Blunt across Twitter and Instagram.

The pair have been at it for years now, regularly throwing daggers at each other whenever possible.

But the best exchange came on Twitter when Piers hit back where it hurt.

Piers morgan instagram
Piers Morgan and James Blunt regularly go at it on Twitter and Instagram (Credit: Twitter)

It seems even Piers Morgan’s pals can’t escape his sass either.

Piers ended up apologising after there was a furious reaction to him calling Holly Willoughby out for her poor grammar.

But we can’t deny it made us chuckle, regardless!

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piers morgan instagram
Piers bit back at Holly (Credit: Twitter)

It seems Piers CAN take the mickey out of himself, not that you’d know after watching a few episodes of Good Morning Britain.

When a troll suggested Piers would “shag an apple pie” for ratings, he had the perfect response.

Although we certainly won’t be taking an invite from Piers for dessert in the future, just saying!

piers morgan twitter
Piers poked fun at himself (Credit: Twitter)

Piers compares himself to Brad Pitt

When a fan tweeted about Piers being a clue in their crossword, Piers took having his physique being poked fun at in his stride.

In response, he instead decided to compare himself to Hollywood hunk, Brad Pitt.

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piers morgan instagram
Piers certainly thinks highly of himself! (Credit: Twitter)

In the meantime, let’s remind ourselves of Pier’s best comeback of all.

You know the one – it’s the one that thankfully hasn’t happened yet, hence why it’s our favourite!

We only jest…

Watch the glorious moment in full below again.

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