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Kerry Katona admits she was once so poor she sold her parrot to buy tampons

Poor Alfie!

Kerry Katona might be a millionaire now thanks to her OnlyFans account, but that wasn’t always the case for the star.

The mum of five has been open about her struggles with money.

However, no admission has been perhaps quite as frank as the one she made in the Times today (December 5).

kerry katona
Kerry Katona have admitted things once got so bad she had to sell her pet to buy Tampax (Credit: Splash News)

What did Kerry Katona say about her finances?

Speaking in the broadsheet’s money interview, Kerry revealed she “buried her head in the sand” after her first bankruptcy.

However, that wasn’t the start of her money troubles.

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Kerry was asked if there was a time when she had ever been “really hard up”.

The star replied: “God, yeah! When I was 17 we sold my parrot, Alfie, for £20 so I could buy some Tampax.

“I had this gig paying me £50 to dance in a nightclub and I got my period, so I need sanitary towels, but we didn’t have the money.”

She added: “That was the last we heard of Alfie! As a kid it was always tough.”

kerry katona
Thankfully Kerry is now in a much better position financially (Credit: Splash News)

How did Kerry turn her life around?

However, things have definitely taken a better turn for Kerry now.

She recently told Entertainment Daily in an exclusive chat that she is now a multi-millionaire.

“I had a vision board with Katona’s Boutique, a six-bedroom house, a Range Rover, a business book, a clear bill of health,” she explained.

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“I also had I am a non-smoker, I’m a multi-millionaire, I’m an international speaker. And all these things started happening.

“My diary has been literally non-stop. I’ve had to put the work in and for me it was also getting rid of the negative people in my life. And George [Kay, her late husband] unfortunately was the last of them.

“I just focused on me and started working on myself.”

Defending her OnlyFans account

However, when it comes to her raunchy OnlyFans account, Kerry has found herself under fire.

One fan contacted her to say: “Your kids must be so proud.”

Kerry responded: “They’re super proud of me, thank you.”

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