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Kerry Katona on George Kay: Star turned things around after ‘getting rid of last negative person’ in her life

She's a bonafide businesswoman now and loving fit

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Kerry Katona has revealed there were times she wanted to end her own life during her marriage to George Kay.

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, Kerry admitted she’s proud of turning her life around and said that George was the “last negative person” she needed to get out of her life.

Kerry and George were married from 2014 till 2017 and shared daughter DJ.

George died of a drug overdose in 2019.

kerry katona george
Life is very much on the up for Kerry Katona (Credit: Splash News)

What did Kerry Katona say about George Kay?

Kerry was speaking about her team up with video message platform Thrillz and how she’s turned her life around from being in such a dark place.

As Kerry fans will know, she battled drink and drug addiction and was declared bankrupt.

However, now she’s turned things around and is busy building a business empire.

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So did she ever think, back in those dark days, that she’d be able to turn things around?

“Yes. I’m a very positive person.

“There were times when I did want to end my life. When my husband George was alive, I was very much controlled, I didn’t know how to get out of it.

“It took me to the age of 36 to start believing in myself. Up till then it always mattered what other people thought of me.

“It was only then when I started self love and working on myself that your opinion of me does not matter,” she said.

kerry katona george
Kerry Katona and George Kay had a turbulent relationship (Credit: Splash News)

Kerry Katona embarked on journey of ‘self love’ after George

Now Kerry is loved up with fiancé Ryan Mahoney, and she said he “massively influenced” her fight back.

However, she added: “But before Ryan I was already on this journey of self love.

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“I had a vision board with Katona’s Boutique, a six-bedroom house, a Range Rover, a business book, a clear bill of health, I also had I am a non-smoker, I’m a multi-millionaire, I’m an international speaker. And all these things started happening.

“My diary has been literally non-stop. I’ve had to put the work in and for me it was also getting rid of the negative people in my life. And George unfortunately was the last of them.

“I just focused on me and started working on myself.”

kerry katona george
Katie Price isn’t someone Kerry looks up to but Kerry does think Katie is ‘amazing’ (Credit: Splash News)

Kerry pays tribute to ‘amazing’ Katie Price

Someone else who’s been doing the same is Kerry’s pal Katie Price, who was recently the victim of a shocking assault at her home.

Like Kerry, Katie is also on Thrillz, and has many irons in the business fire – so is she someone Kerry looks up to when it comes to business?

“I wouldn’t say Katie is someone I look up to in business,” Kerry said.

“Mine and Kate’s life, I went bankrupt many years ago and more recently unfortunately Kate went bankrupt.

“Our lives seem to mirror each other. We’ve done the opposites. I did the drink and drugs years ago then she did the drink and drugs.

“Then I went bankrupt and she went into bankruptcy, but we’ve always been there for each other.

“I think any woman who takes control of their own life and builds any kind of empire for themselves is amazing, as is Kate.”

kerry katona george
The mum of five has two kids with Brian McFadden and she said he never paid child maintenance (Credit: Splash News)

Kerry’s a shining example to her kids

Kerry recently revealed that she’s made her first post-bankruptcy million pounds.

So is it an important message to send to her five kids that, no matter how low you go, you can always pick yourself back up?

Kerry revealed: “100%, and it’s not just my children, it’s everybody.

“I think in society we get embarrassed and ashamed to talk about bankruptcy and money. My first bankruptcy I was like how the hell am I going to pay for these kids?

“I never got maintenance money from Brian McFadden or anything like that, I was doing it all by myself.

“There’s that shame and embarrassment of you had it all and you lost it all and people were thrilled to see me doing so badly because that’s the society we lived in.

“Also in mental health, I want to do seminars, I want to do a tour, I want to be on stage, I want to talk about businesses and how you can turn your life around.

“For me it’s about letting everybody know no matter how low you get in life, don’t give up, you might think there’s nothing there worth fighting for or you can’t see a way out but something will turn up if you keep believing.”

“You have to be your own cheerleader. As egotistical as that sounds, if you’re not going to cheer for yourself no one else will. Be your own hero.”

kerry katona george
Kerry has teamed up with celebrity video messaging platform Thrillz (Credit: Thrillz)

Thrilled to be investing in herself

And that’s just what she’s doing, launching her own boutique, buying her six-bedroom house and investing in Thrillz.

“I was on loads of platforms, then I started doing Thrillz and I started talking to the team and they have a real personal touch,” Kerry admitted.

“They go above and beyond for their clients. Always trying to come up with a new idea to give someone that once in a lifetime experience.

“It’s about the memories. That’s what I try to do with my children. No one sends birthday cards any more, get on Thrillz,” she added.

Thrillz founder and CEO Anjan Luthra added: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome Kerry as an investor in Thrillz.

“Nobody better embodies our values of excellence, hard work and fun.

“We look forward to working together building the world’s leading celebrity engagement platform.”

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