Lindt launches ‘addictive’ limited-edition Neapolitan truffles made from THREE types of chocolate

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry in one mouthful!

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We’ve got good news for lovers of chocolate and old-school Neapolitan ice cream.

Chocolate giants Lindt has released a new box of chocolate truffles based on the three-flavoured ice cream.

Yes, now you can get a chocolate truffle that tastes of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream all in one mouthful.

The delicious balls of chocolatey goodness are made with not one but three different types of chocolate.

With these new Lindt balls you are really spoiling us (Credit: Instagram/SnackBetch)

We think we’ve died and gone to confectionary heaven.

Early testers say the truffles are full of flavour and have a strawberry outer shell with a white and milk chocolate filling.

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The blurb online states: “A smooth, creamy white chocolate shell enrobes decadent Neapolitan filling for a bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth indulgence.”

A smooth, creamy white chocolate shell enrobes decadent Neapolitan filling for a bite-sized, melt-in-your-mouth indulgence.

It also says they’re individually wrapped for “sharing”, but if you’ve ever had a Lindt ball, you’ll know they’re the most delicious thing known to man – so sharing these delights could be a struggle.

Food blogger Snack Betch shared the post and said: “They are seriously addictive!”

A little peak inside reveals the hidden truffle centre (Credit: Instagram/SnackBetch)

She added: “It’s not white chocolate heavy, which is nice. The milk choc balances it out.”

We are sold. As are a lot of her followers.

“Lindt has some of the best truffles,” said one, adding the fire emoji.

Another added: “Best chocolate out there in my opinion.”

“Neapolitan is such a solid trio of flavours!” said another.

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“Love Lindt truffles –  these look luscious,” added a fourth fan.

Another quipped: “Holy moly – I NEED those in my life pronto!!”

We concur, but in a spot of bad news for us Brits, the new Lindt balls have so far only been spotted Stateside.

We only hope the chocolatiers bring them to our shores soon!

Until then, we’ll be heading to our local supermarket to pick up a tub of Neapolitan ice cream.

The new chocolates taste just like the old-school ice cream (Credit: Tesco)

Or you can console yourself with a bar of the new Aero Caramel, which launched earlier this week.

The Rose Gold KitKat Chunky is another must if you’re looking for that fruity white chocolate flavour.

With so many delicious new products hitting shelves worldwide, we think we’re going to need to invest in a bigger pair of jeans.

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