Galaxy Cupcakes

Galaxy launches chocolate cupcake platter and it’s on sale at Asda now

There are 12 in the box… who will you share with?

Sometimes it’s hard to make a decision between chocolate and cake but, thanks to this new launch, you no longer have to choose.

Yes, you really can have your cake (and your chocolate) and eat it.

And it’s all thanks to the good people at Galaxy.

Galaxy Cupcakes
The Galaxy Cupcakes are on sale now (Credit: Galaxy)

News reaches us that the brand has just launched a scrumptious sharing platter of Galaxy Cupcakes.

Yes, we really did say platter!

And, in even better news, they’re on sale now.

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“Now, who doesn’t love a cupcake?” said the blurb.

“Launching this week is the fabulous new Galaxy Cupcake collection featuring a trio of different frosted chocolate cupcakes to share with friends and family.”

Each pack contains 12 Galaxy chocolate cupcakes and there are three different varieties in each box to try.

They all feature the same delicious light chocolate sponge and creamy frosting topping.

Galaxy Cupcakes
The cupcake platter costs £8 (Credit: Galaxy)

However, there is one catch – you will have to pick which one to eat first!

You can pick between a cupcake topped with Galaxy mini Ripples, one topped with Galaxy Counters or one covered in vanilla icing and decorated with white chocolate curls.

Where can I buy the Galaxy cupcakes?

The Galaxy cupcakes are on sale now for £8.

And you’ll only be able to get them from one place…

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NewFoodsUK told ED!: “The Galaxy cupcakes are £8 and are exclusive to Asda.”

Launching this week is the fabulous new Galaxy Cupcake collection featuring a trio of different frosted chocolate cupcakes to share with friends and family.

The food blogger added: “They come with chocolate sponge and delicious creamy frosting. They’re topped with Ripples, Counters and white chocolate curls.”

And, if the cupcakes are anything like the Galaxy Triple Chocolate sharing cake that launched earlier this year, you’ll probably want to scoff all three pronto.

Galaxy Cupcakes
The cakes have already been spotted on the shelves (Credit: NewFoodsUK)

It featured moist Galaxy chocolate cake sandwiched with white chocolate buttercream and topped with Ripple pieces.

One blogger revealed: “I loved the flavour of the white chocolate frosting filling and it was generously decorated with mini Ripple pieces, chocolate drops and white chocolate curls.”

More cake news

In other cake news, Asda has also launched a rival to M&S’s popular Colin the Caterpillar cake.

And Sid the Sausage Dog is a real whopper.

The chocolate celebration cake costs £12 and serves 20 and he measures an entire foot long!

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