Sid the sausage dog

Asda launches Sid the Sausage Dog cake and Colin the Caterpillar fans aren’t happy

The new chocolate cake measures a foot in length!

Supermarket Asda has launched a foot-long chocolate cake called Sid the Sausage Dog.

Much like his real-life alter ego, Sid has a long rounded belly.

However, this one is very much for eating, even though he does look ridiculous cute!

Sid the Sausage Dog is perfect for birthday gatherings where a small slice of cake just won’t do.

Sid the sausage dog
Sid measures a foot in length and serves 20 (Credit: Asda)

The cake is made up of a soft chocolate sponge, rolled with chocolate buttercream and coated with milk chocolate and edible decorations.

And, what’s more, he serves 20.

He costs just £12 and is available to buy in store and online today (July 13).

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Asda announced the news of the launch on Instagram.

The post read: “We’d like to introduce Sid the Sausage Dog. Guaranteed to create the woof-factor for any special celebration, Sid is a whole foot long, feeding up to 20 people.”

It revealed: “Sid consists of a soft chocolate sponge, rolled with chocolate buttercream. For the final flourish, he is coated with milk chocolate and edible decorations, creating a novelty centrepiece for only £12!”

Asda’s Becky Price added: “We know our customers love a novelty cake that injects plenty of fun into special celebrations at an affordable price!”

Sid the sausage dog
He’s filled with delicious chocolate buttercream (Credit: Asda)

She added: “We’ve seen a rising demand from our customers for sausage dog-themed products, so Sid is a great addition to our celebration cake range and is sure to become one popular pooch!”

Indeed, the store’s Instagram followers couldn’t get enough of the pup.

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“I love this! Wish it was my birthday,” said one.

“Sooooo cute ! I love this,” said another.

“Best thing I’ve ever seen”

“So cute!!” said a third.

“Yes! Go on Sid! Might actually go to an Asda just for that!” said another.

“So @asda now do a Sid the Sausage Dog cake and it is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” added another.

So @asda now do a Sid the Sausage Dog cake and it is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

And, if you think Sid looks familiar, then he is pretty much in the same vein as Marks & Spencer favourite Colin the Caterpillar.

That cake, however, only costs £7.

But, weighing in at just 625g, Colin only serves 10.

Colin fans are standing by their man, however (Credit: M&S)

Yes, it appears Sid is something of a whopper!


Some are still firmly #TeamColin, though.

One Colin fan tweeted: “This is a national outrage. Where’s the public enquiry at?”

Another added: “Colin is a national treasure!”

“Colin will never be replaced,” said a third.

One person even conducted a Twitter poll asking their followers which cake they were siding with.

The results, it seems, are pretty unanimus!

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