Chocoholics say their ‘lives are complete’ as new Maltesers Buttons triple chocolate cake goes on sale

A must for fans of the sweets!

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Chocoholics have said their lives are “complete” at the news that Maltesers has launched a new triple chocolate cake.

It’s been spotted on sale by foodie bloggers, who have had their followers drooling over the latest launch.

The Maltesers Buttons Chocolate Cake features a moist chocolate sponge cake filled with a dark chocolate frosting.

Chocoholics are thrilled with the new Maltesers launch (Credit: Tesco)

It is then topped with a milk chocolate buttercream and decorated with Maltesers Buttons – the delicious mini milk chocolate discs containing crunchy honeycomb pieces.

“That Maltesers cake though,” said one chocolate fan with the love heart eyes emoji.

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“My life is complete, OMG!” said another.

“I’m getting that because I love Maltesers Buttons!” another declared.

Foodie Helen J Tea revealed: “The @maltesersuk cake was delicious and extra chocolatey.”

However, the chocoholic did have one gripe.

She said: “But I felt it needed more Maltesers buttons on top!”

I’m getting that because I love Maltesers Buttons!

She added that she thought there was a “decent amount of icing but the cakes were pretty small”.

The cake is on sale at Tesco and costs £3.

The blurb says it serve eight people a 49g portion.

The cake features a chocolate sponge, a dark chocolate filling, a milk chocolate topping and Maltesers Buttons decorations (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

It’s been a good week for cake launches.

Yesterday, ED! revealed a new Baileys Strawberries & Cream Celebration Cake had launched at Tesco.

It costs £8 and, what’s more, it’s filled and smothered with the delicious fruity Baileys liqueur.

New Galaxy cake

Helen also revealed there’s a new Galaxy cake on sale at Tesco, too!

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And, if she had to pick between the Galaxy Triple Chocolate cake and the new Maltesers offering, the Galaxy cake wins hands down.

It features the same moist chocolate cake as the Malteser one but has a white chocolate filling and it’s decorated with Ripple pieces.

She said: “I loved the flavour of the white chocolate frosting filling and it was generously decorated with mini Ripple pieces, chocolate drops and white chocolate curls.”

The Galaxy cake features white chocolate filling and Ripple decorations (Credit: Instagram/HelenJTea)

“So many new cakes!” said on food lover on Instagram. “I don’t know which to eat first!”

Us neither!

At this rate, our essential weekly food shop is going to consist entirely of cake!

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