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Bored Brits devise new ‘coronavirus shots’ drinking game to play during lockdown

Much like bingo, but more alcoholic!

With pubs closed and social distancing meaning we can no longer socialise with our friends, bored Brits are playing a new “coronavirus shots” drinking game.

Posting the idea to Facebook, one explained the game, which appears pretty similar to bingo.

Except when your number – or in this case phrase – is called out, you down a shot.


drinking game
Brits are playing a new coronavirus shots game (Credit: Pexels)

It explained: “Hey guys…. bored of all this self-isolation malarkey, why not make your experience fun fun fun!”

The rules of the game were then explained by the cheeky chappy.

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“Every time you hear any of the catchy COVID-19 catchphrases – ie testing, social distancing, unprecedented, NHS, lockdown, furlough, self-isolating – NECK A SHOT,” it instructed.

He finished the post with a light-hearted quip at Piers Morgan and the gang on ITV’s flagship breakfast show.

“If you’re watching Good Morning Britain, you’ll be legless by 9am,” he joked.

Pals commented on the piece suggesting other coronavirus bingo names to add to the game.

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“Can we add ‘key workers’ and ‘stay safe’ to that list,” said one.

At the 5pm briefing, every time someone says coronavirus, you take a shot!

Another simply responded with the crying with laughter emoji.

Twitter also had ideas for a COVID-19 drinking game.

Weekend fun and games

“New drinking game: every time someone says ‘unfortunately, due to coronavirus’ during a meeting, take a shot,” the woman said.

“BOOM: WASTED,” another stated.

“Hoping I get so drunk I forget those words even exist to be honest,” said another.

Parents also decided to get in on the coronavirus shot action, adapting it to meet the challenging times isolated with their kids.

“Take a shot every time you grounded your kid from Fortnite but ended up suggesting he play because he was driving you crazy,” said one.

Some also suggested tuning into the government‘s daily briefing and playing along.

“New Friday night game! At the 5pm briefing, every time someone says coronavirus, you take a shot!!”

Responsible drinking is encouraged, with the NHS recommending Brits consume no more than 14 units of alcohol each week.

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