Martin Lewis reveals when Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and more release their home delivery slots

Only book one if you're vulnerable, though!

After it was reported that elderly and vulnerable Brits were staying up till 3am to access supermarket home delivery slots, Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has stepped in to help.

His website has revealed the times that the supermarket slots go live.

Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, Waitrose and more are included on the list, which has been published online.

They mystery of when to bag a home delivery slot has been solved (Credit: Morrisons)

The MSE website reveals that while all the major supermarkets will reveal how many days ahead they release the slots, not all of them would release the exact time the slots go online.

The report states that it has instead been “super-sleuthing” on Twitter, Facebook and its own forum to collate the evidence.

“Keep in mind this is a rough guide,” it warned. “It may still be worth checking supermarket websites throughout the day if you can.”

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The website also pleaded with Brits to only use home delivery slots if they are vulnerable.

“Again, only get a slot if you’re vulnerable – if you’re able to visit a shop, please do so,” it added.

When to try

Morrisons releases its slots three days ahead.

Shoppers revealed they have most success just after midnight or first thing in the morning.

Tesco revealed it releases slots 21 day ahead and they “tend” to be online at midnight.

Top tip – log on ten minutes beforehand to enter the virtual queue.

Sainsbury's elderly opening hours
Sainsbury’s releases slots seven days in advance (Credit: Sainsbury’s)

Slots at the Co-op are also released every day at midnight.

The smaller supermarket works five days ahead.

Ice, ice baby!

Iceland releases home delivery slots a week in advance. However, if you want a home delivery from the frozen food giant you’ll have to keep trying – slots are specific to individual stores.

Sainsbury’s releases its slots seven days ahead, but gave no clues as to the best time to nab one.

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Waitrose is advising shoppers to check “each morning” as it releases slots three days ahead.

People have had most success early, so head online before 8am.

Again, only get a slot if you’re vulnerable – if you’re able to visit a shop, please do so

Ocado, meanwhile, releases its home delivery slots seven days ahead and, while there isn’t a fixed time, priority customers are emailed when slots become available.

Non-priority customers are later alerted via a message on the homepage and will be able to book a home delivery if there are any slots left.

Martin Lewis’s team have looked into supermarket home delivery slots (Credit: Splash News)

Lastly, Asda slots are released 14 days ahead but the store said it doesn’t put them online at a set time, rather “when they become available” in each area.

After canvassing popular opinion, slots appear to be released at 10pm, midnight, and between 2am and 4am.

Time for those matchsticks!

Asda’s charity pledge

Earlier this week, Asda launched its collaboration with breast cancer awareness charity CoppaFeel! as part of its Tickled Pink charity campaign.

As such, the supermarket will donate £45k to Coppafeel! through sales of special pink products such as Diet Coke, Smarties Buttons and Persil Capsules.

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