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Asda launches Pink Gin Cheesecake Slices and gin fans are in heaven

Two birds, one dessert…

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When it comes to sweet treats, the good people at Asda have done it again!

Hot on the heels of its Biscoff cupcakes comes a real treat for gin fans. Pink gin fans, no less.

The store has created a truly scrumptious new dessert and, without further ado, here are all the details!

Introducing Asda’s Pink Gin Cheesecake Slices.

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They come in a pack of two that’s perfect for sharing…

Or for scoffing all by yourself.

We won’t judge!

The Pink Gin Cheesecake Slices can be found in the store’s refrigerator aisle because they’re made with fresh cream.

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But that’s not the ingredient we’re most interested in – that would be the gin!

The cheesecake appears to be infused with the stuff and it’s then swirled with raspberry sauce.

All this is then sat on top of a scrummy biscuit base.

“They look delicious”

NewFoodsUK spotted them in store this week.

“New Pink Gin Cheesecakes!!” the post said, along with the alarm emoji.

“They look delicious,” said one gin and cheesecake fan.

“Omg these look yummy,” said another tagging her pals.

“Could be washed down with a tasty gin,” said a girl after our own heart.

Some said they’d have the pink gin cheesecake with a “tasty gin” (Credit: Unsplash)

“Oh wow,” said another.

“These combine your two loves of gin and cheesecake,” said one tagging a pal.

“OMG need to try these,” they replied with the drooling emoji.

“Oooh it’s got raspberry in it, I’m in!” said another.

“These look worth a try,” another posted.

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“OMG yes, that sounds lovely. Just need someone to go to Asda for me now!” said another hinting to a pal they had tagged.

These combine your two loves of gin and cheesecake!

“Oh I think I may have to try these,” said another.

How much are the Pink Gin Cheesecake Slices?

Well, if you feel the same, you’ll find them in store now.

Two slices will set you back £3.

Back in March, just before lockdown hit, Asda launched its pretty Pink Gin Celebration Cake and it soon started flying off the shelves.

Earlier this year the store launched its Pink Gin Celebration Cake (Credit: Asda)

The cake costs £12 and serves 18, and Asda said it was inspired by the trend for new flavours of gin and the popularity of its Extra Special Pink Gin.

It’s still on sale, should you have a special occasion coming up…

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