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Friday 29th May 2020

Age UK warns 'millions' of British pensioners are depressed, isolated and going without food during lockdown

The charity Age UK has warned that almost 6.5 million pensioners are worried about life during the coronavirus pandemic.

A new study has revealed that millions of British OAPs are depressed, isolated and going without food as a result of the lockdown.

And, almost 3m elderly people feel their mental health has been harmed as a result of isolation.

Millions of pensioners are depressed due to lockdown (Credit: Pixabay)

Lockdown brought "sudden changes" to all our lives, The Sun reports, and has really affected the elderly.

Age UK's Caroline Abrahams said: "Lockdown brought sudden changes to all of our lives and that has affected our feelings and mood, leaving many of us feeling low, worried or having problems sleeping."

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She added that social distancing can be "boring or frustrating" for many older people.

Missing family

Caroline added: "We all miss being outside with other people and seeing our friends and family. Many are missing life events, seeing and hugging grandchildren, meeting new additions to families, going to weddings and gatherings."

ED! reported last week that good news may be on the horizon, though.

Many are missing meeting new arrivals (Credit: Pixabay)

The government was said to be looking into the idea of social bubbles, where one household could exclusively meet another.

They were also discussing how the over-70s would fit into the plan.

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Details could be released soon, with plans being put into place as early as next month.

Tough to get food

Age UK also revealed that 3.3 million pensioners say it's been tough to get access to essential items such as food and medicine during the pandemic.

Even very basic things like getting online to order essential food and products can present a challenge.

When lockdown began, supermarket shelves were stripped bare.

Then, after the over-70s were told to self-isolate, pensioners struggled to get access to home delivery slots.

Some also say that buying food has been tough (Credit: Pexels)

The same stay-at-home message was given to those with health conditions that would make them more vulnerable to COVID-19.

Caroline said: "Even very basic things like getting online to order essential food and products can present a challenge."

The government has stepped up, though.

It has been delivering food boxes to the most needy.

And it has issued a list of elderly and vulnerable Brits to shops.

They have, in turn, given them priority access to home delivery slots.

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