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Lorraine Kelly brands Caprice Bourret’s Dancing On Ice exit ‘very strange’

Lorraine said what we were all thinking

Fans were shocked by Caprice Bourret’s sudden Dancing on Ice exit on Sunday – and it seems Lorraine Kelly was no different.

The Scottish presenter, 60, has a way of putting her finger on exactly what is bothering us.

In today’s Lorraine show, she highlighted the shock move by Caprice to quit the show as something of a mystery.

Lorraine said she wanted to know more about Caprice’s ‘strange’ exit from Dancing on Ice (Credit: ITV)

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Lorraine said: “Meanwhile, Caprice has quit the show.

“She says her mental wellbeing has been affected by taking part in the series. Love to know more about that… very, very strange.

“But yeah, she’s not in it anymore, she’s gone.”

Caprice was originally paired with Hamish Gaman, on Dancing on Ice (Credit: ITV)

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To recap: Dancing on Ice presenter Holly Willoughby announced at the beginning of last night’s show that Caprice would no longer be taking part.

No reason was given for the departure, but two weeks ago it was announced that Caprice would no longer be dancing with her partner, Hamish Gaman.

She says her mental wellbeing has been affected by taking part in the series. Love to know more about that… very, very strange.

There was rumours of bullying, with Hamish declaring on Friday that he was “not okay” following the split. Meanwhile, sources close to Caprice told the press she was concerned about her mental wellbeing.

Then at the weekend, she reportedly did not show up for rehearsals with new partner Oscar Peters.

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Whatever the truth, it was clear that there was more to the tale than we were being told, and canny Lorraine spotted this.

Caprice Bourret and Hamish Gaman
Caprice and Hamish on the show (Credit: ITV) 

Just as they were about Caprice leaving, fans on Twitter were divided about Lorraine’s comments today.

One wrote: “This is beginning to sound like #ReleasetheRussiareport which never gets a response either, but why exactly was Caprice allowed to change partners, have a week off then quit anyway, @dancingonice? An answer would be great or should I just assume she is a #MardyMare?

Meanwhile, another was quick to defend Caprice, 48.

“Lorraine don’t be mean to Caprice she is meant to be a friend of your show,” the fan tweeted.

What do you think? Is there more to the story with Caprice’s departure from Dancing on Ice, or should we respect her privacy even if there is? Head to our Facebook page @EntertainmentDailyfix and let us know your thoughts.

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